Introduction to the Angels or Watchers of Heaven

Excerpted from Jesus' View of His Father, Session 11

So let’s begin with information about angels. This might not be where you thought I would begin. Being right with the angels is the foundation for creating a life style centered on the Lord and is one that is successful and effective for Christian empowerment. And now you say, “Huh? What was that again? I have never heard of that before; being right with angels.” Let me go on with this because this is very important. When I talk about angels, I am talking about the spirits of life that Christ as Creator put in the elements of creation. It is that life that you can join with and use to interact with in order to bring healing, inspiration and life by the power of His Spirit and presence. I did that, you know, to a small extent with the little girl that had Downs Syndrome and with the man with tuberculosis. I was graced to be right in the moment. I wept at the thought of their need and had compassion. And I used the life that Christ put into many things around me and the Lord brought the healing.


So as I begin this information that I’m sharing with you, I will be reading lots of scriptures in your Bible with some passages just being cited to shorten it. I would like to say I use four different Bible dictionaries. The reason I do that is because I get a good overall view of different perspectives. And there are a lot of Bible references. I use the old Smith’s version from the 1880’s. I use the International version, which is liberal and comes from England. Sometimes I use the Nelson’s, which is conservative, and I like the Jehovah's Witnesses because they are good students even though sometimes it is very narrowly focused. The conservative Nelson’s is usually very helpful. I use these to study to find points of view and the corresponding references.


First of all, these different dictionaries, that I just listed for you, all agree that angels are not human. In the International Dictionary it says, “Angels constitute a company not a race developed by a single pair,” like people coming from Adam and Eve.  All of this information is including scriptures to point this out.  In the Nelson’s Dictionary it says, “Angels are members of an order of heavenly beings who are superior to men in power and in intelligence.”


Ok, now I am going to start reading a few things, it says, “Also Angels were created before man.” And this comes from Job 38:4-7. “Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding. Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it?   Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;  When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?”  Sons of God is a reference to angels. That is what they are commonly called. They shouted for joy when they saw the world created.  In Genesis 6:2-4 they are called the sons of God. So that is saying that when the earth was created, the angels were there to rejoice. That was a reference to the fact that angels were created before people. You will notice a correlation here that trees, mountains, hills, rivers, animals, and everything in the Genesis story of creation was created before man. Man was the last thing created. In the beginning state, all these angels that were created were holy. But one third of them fell away from God and rebelled against what Jesus the Creator had made them to be.

I want to read a couple of scriptures about that. This is Jude 6. Jude only has one chapter. “And the angels which kept not their first estate but left their own habitation he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgement of the great day.” Some of the angels, some of the spirits of life that Jesus put in everything, didn’t like the life He gave them or that they were called upon to love Him and us. They didn’t like their first station or what they were created for. They wanted to choose their own view of their purpose of creation - choose the meaning of their own lives, which was not one of love. And in this way, they rejected their Creator and it was as if they cast the Spirit of His presence out from themselves. And with the rejection of their created purpose, went the Creator’s purpose in them that was an expression of His love for you. So in effect, they cast out two of the four spirits of life that they had in the beginning.

The four spirits of life that came to dwell in all that Jesus created are: 1) the spirit of His Father, which is His spirit of love and compassion for all that exists upon the earth, and 2) the spirit of His purpose and great expectations for you, and 3) the spirit of life that gives life to whichever form any specific element has taken like a tree or a hill and so forth, and 4), the spirit and presence of Jesus.  So all that remains in the fallen angels is the spirit of God and their own spirit. They hate Jesus and you. These are the devil and his angels. Remember God is a Spirit. And He created all the spirits of life. Jesus’s role was to give element form. One is a spiritual creation and the other is a natural creation. Without the spirit of God, those fallen angels couldn’t exist. And God is gracious enough to allow them to live in spite of their evil. And they became the angels of death.

Now II Peter 2:4-5 is another example shedding light on the matter. “For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment; And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly.” So there also is a reference that these angels fell. And it also is a statement as to why there was a Flood.  There are many references to that in your Bible. But all of the Bible dictionaries I cited agree that one third of the hosts of angels fell. And in Revelation 12:4, it says that the adversary drew a third of the hosts of heaven with him when he fell. Now the lead angel, remember these angels are not human, was Satan.

And if you think of Satan as a human being, discard that idea if you want to follow Bible teachings. You will find in Isaiah 14:12-19, it says, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!  For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:  I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.  Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

 They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?  All the kings of the nations, even all of them, lie in glory, every one in his own house.  But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcase trodden under feet.”  In this reading the word “man” in verse 16 is Hebrew #376, a proper interpretation in English would be to be extant or the one who exists, which does not necessarily have to be man. It is literally one who is extant

The name Lucifer is Hebrew # 1966, which means the morning star.  And taken together with Luke 10:18, Jude 13, and Revelation 9:1, points to the Devil being a meteorite. I know that this is an entirely new idea to you but that is the position taken by the sect of the Nazarenes and the prophets.

            Luke 10:18, “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”

            Jude 13, “Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.”

            Revelation 9:1, “And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.”

            Also Ezekiel 28:12-15 is about the origin of Satan.  The devil has his angels. So the fallen angels have become the fallen spirits called demons by the original Torah; they are spirits of evil. Some of the spirits of life Christ put in things became the spirits of evil. “Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels,” so said Jesus in Matthew 25:41. Sorry, I forgot to give the reference.

Ok, so one third of the spirits of life that our Creator, Jesus, put into various parts of creation rebelled against Him. And they began to hate Him. They began to want to kill His children. They hate Jesus so much that the more a person is like Him the more the fallen angles want to come against them. They began to be against everything Jesus stood for. They began to be against man’s salvation. Remember these are spirits of life that He put into the elements of the earth for the purpose of loving you. They began to be murderous. Jesus commanded evil spirits to depart.  But Jesus had a very intimate loving relationship with the holy angels - the ones who didn’t fall but who were faithful.

Again in Matthew 13:41 it talks about Jesus sending forth angels. “The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity.”

In Matthew 26:53, when they were taking Him into custody He says, “Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?”

And Mark 8:38 it talks about Christ’s second coming with the angels. ”Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”

In Luke 12:8-9 Christ says He will confess us before God and His angels if we confess Him. “Also I say unto you, Whosoever shall confess me before men, him shall the Son of man also confess before the angels of God.  But he that denieth me before men shall be denied before the angels of God.”

Also, angels followed with great interest every moment of Jesus’ entire earthly ministry. From all the way from announcing His birth to Mary that she was going to have a child to those who were at the stone that was rolled away; during His 40 days in the wilderness, angels, who are the spirits of life that He put in all things, ministered to Him.

Angels are interested in the salvation of man. Luke 15:10, “Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.”

Angels are charged with the care of the Lord’s people in times of distress. Think about the Christians in Syria and other places right now. Psalms 91:11-12, “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.   They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.” Hebrews 1:14, “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?”

The affairs of nations are guided by angels.  See Daniel 10:12-13 & 20.  All these are real sound readings in your Bible. These Bible references are not stretching anything when they say these things. And yet many scholars and Christians don’t know who angels are. They have all of this knowledge of angels and they don’t know who they are. And the Bible is not obscure; the Bible is filled with what angels are. There are some obscurities there and I will point them out when we get there.

Hebrews 1:6-7 says that the wind and fire are angels. “And again, when he bringeth in the firstbegotten into the world, he saith, And let all the angels of God worship him.   And of the angels he saith, Who maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire.”   The best translation of that is in the American Standard Version. The word “in-mah” is the word used there, which is number #4151 in the Greek, and it means a current of air, a breeze or an angel. But the King James Version translated that word as “spirits.” So that verse in Hebrews could be obscure if you have the King James Version. But the real good translation there calls wind and fire angels. And we know this because it is attested to in the original Torah.  I will be reading it to you. 

Then in Psalms 148 is a very important reading. David lists the leaders of the angels. I am going to read this to you but I want to say some things first. In the writings of the sect of the Nazarenes, which Christ was a part of, there is a full list of the fallen angels.  The old term they use is fallen watchers, which is the old name for the fallen angels which rebelled against their Creator (see Daniel 4:13, 17, & 23). And here in Psalms 148 is David’s list of the angels who remained faithful to God - the spirits of life who didn’t fall from their created purpose. So I will read this to you. This list is a little bit different than the list we have but not much.

Praise ye the Lord. Praise ye the Lord from the heavens: praise him in the heights.  Praise ye him, all his angels: praise ye him, all his hosts.  Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light. Praise him, ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters that be above the heavens.  Let them praise the name of the Lord: for he commanded, and they were created.  He hath also stablished them for ever and ever: he hath made a decree which shall not pass.”

Now he is going to list some more other angels. “Praise the Lord from the earth, ye [sea creatures], and all deeps:  Fire, and hail; snow, and vapours; stormy wind fulfilling his word: Mountains, and all hills; fruitful trees, and all cedarsBeasts, and all cattle; creeping things, and flying fowlKings of the earth,” referencing that which guides man in his life on the earth, “and all people; princes, and all judges of the earth.”  This last phrase is talking about the seasons and time. What David has done there is he says, “Praise him.” All those angels praise Him; they are alive. They can express their feelings for God. They can speak to say what is on their minds. They are happy. They are excited about God. The mountains are and little hills and the fruitful trees are too. All these things David mentioned are to his mind alive and feeling entities. He is saying to them: express your love for God. He is saying they are alive and calling them angels.

So angels are the elements of creation. They are the spirits of life that Jesus put into all the forms that element took. They are the angels. That is what they are. You may find it interesting to hear how plain this concept of angels being the spirits of the elements is recorded in Jeremiah’s Torah.  Here you will see the source for the Hebrews 1:6-7 reading that fire and wind are spirits called angels. This is found Charlesworth’s edition on Chapter 2:1-3 in Jubilees. 

And the angel of the presence spoke to Moses by the word of the Lord, saying, ‘Write the whole account of creation, that in six days the Lord God completed all his work and all that he created.  And he observed a Sabbath the seventh day, and he sanctified it for all ages.  And he set it (as) a sign for all his works.’

For on the first day he created the heavens, which are above, and the earth, and the waters and all of the spirits which minister before him:

the angels of the presence,

and the angels of sanctification,

and the angelsof the spirit of fire,

and the angels of the spirit of the winds,

and the angels of the spirit of the clouds and darkness and      snow and hail and frost,

and the angels of voices and thunder and lightning,

and the angels of the spirits of cold and heat and winter and springtime and harvest and summer,

and all the spirits of his creatures which are in heaven and on earth.

And the abysses and darkness – both evening and night – and light – both dawn and daylightwhich he prepared in the knowledge of his heart.  Then we saw his works and we blessed him and offered praise before him on account of all his works because he made seven great works on the first day.”

When it says “which he prepared in the knowledge of his heart,” it is a clear reference to a spiritual creation - all this on the first day.  Your Biblical account is the imposed Torah and it has evolved from this reading.  And then another interesting reading indicates the source for all of David’s Psalm 148 statements the spirits of life or angels are capable of speaking is found in Column 3 lines 28-29. 

“On that day the mouth of all the beasts and cattle and birds and whatever walked or moved was stopped from speaking because all of them used to speak with one another with one speech and one language.  And he sent from the garden of Eden all of the flesh which was in the garden of Eden and all of the flesh was scattered, each one according to its kind and each one according to its family, into the place which was created for them.

Most importantly, you find here the critical reference to everything in Eden being transformed into the temporal earth “that was created for them.”  For the Essenes, or the early church, this is the precise place in their Torah that pointed toward Jesus being the Creator.  They went from Eden to the place that was created for them.

Remember the statement in the Bible dictionary I read to you that said, “the angels are superior to man in intelligence and spiritual power.” Remember all the things it said of them? I will list some of it again: they are not human; they are superior to man in power and intelligence; they were created before man; Ezekiel said that the angels rejoiced at creation; angels are interested in the salvation of man. The adversary, who is the lead fallen angel, is a meteorite.  The angels are charged with the care of the Lord’s people in times of distress. The affairs of nations are guided by angels. Jesus will confess His people before the angels; they will accompany Him at His second coming; and they followed Jesus all through His earthly life.

Are mountains, thunder, wind, and trees superior to you in power and intelligence? Can they take care of you in times of distress? Are all those things David listed interested in your salvation? For me, because of the clear witness of the Spirit and that which I have experienced, the answer is yes.  The holy forms creation has been given by their Creator are indeed the angels of heaven.  Please do not misunderstand; also people who lived holy lives and live in the presence of God are angels.  John says in Rev. 5:11, “and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands.” 

So in order to facilitate understanding, we must call the natural forms Jesus gave elements of the earth, like hills and grass, watchers. People who now live with God we must now call angels.  The people of the early church called the elements of the earth the Watchers of Holiness.  They are alive and can speak to you and love you and teach you all things good.  And the Bible bears this out. The expression of these things is made clear throughout the Bible. And I am going to read some of that information to you. You will be surprised how much the Bible has to say about this and of how clearly it is stated.

At one point in my studies, I was just going to go through the Bible and write down everything that showed that the elements of the earth are alive and can experience and can speak and feel and express themselves if they want to, but there are too many. That is the conundrum facing scholars.  Scholars don’t know who angels are even though the Bible says it clearly because of the complete lack of the concept of righteousness. . That is where Christians have problems - if they want to deny who angels are. 

This hill we are on is more intelligent than we are. Just one shovel full of clay from it knows more about the history of the earth and the course it has traveled than all the scholars of the world combined. I think so. The tree outside has more power to love than we do. Not because it is just a tree but because your Jesus, who loves infinitely, made the tree specifically for that reason. The Man with a mother, who knows how to love. God loved us so much that He became our fellow man. And whatever the Lord made, He gave it life. He said, I am the bread of life which came down to give life to the universe. Whatever He gives life to is alive.

You will recall from my experience when the Lord came to speak with me in the woods, one of the things He said as He stood by me was, as I was touching this tree and as I was marveling over that there was no shadows in the bark, the Lord said to me with His own mouth, “That tree is your brother.” I was surprised and I said, “Lord how can that be?” And He said, “Because I have given it life like I have you. And it is going to grow old and die like you will. It has feelings like you have. It loves me like you do.” I said, “Oh that is great! I have a brother.” One doesn’t doubt the Lord when in His presence. That is something I know now, trees are my kindred. This has been on my mind 60 years.

Alright, now I want to say some more here as I go along about angels. The writings of Enoch in the early church and found in the Dead Sea Scrolls influenced almost every author in the Bible, including the New Testament.  They are quoted from Daniel through Jude and influenced Matthew and many other places.  They say that there are 20 leaders of the fallen angels, who are called the Decadarchoi. And there are 24 leaders of the holy angels, who are called the Eerkodeshoi.  I will be explaining these names in a moment. I just read 24 of them in Psalms 148.

Those listed by David in Psalm 148 vary somewhat from the reading in the original Torah.  Our list of the angels which we use is somewhat different yet in the details.  The principle difference in the lists is in how the seasons are viewed and in the lingering gray areas of the distinction between angels and watchers.  These 24 leaders of the holy angels are the 24 elders in the Book of Revelation in 4:4, 10; 5:8, 14; 11:16 and 19:4.  

Now a word about how the concept of angels developed. You will find in Daniel in your Bible that there are three different times that the word “watcher” is used.  And in the Torah of Jeremiah, the word “watcher” is prevalent in referring to angels. What developed is the word “watcher” comes from #5894 in Hebrew, and it is the word “eer” which means either watcher or angel. That comes from #5782, to have open eyes, to be awake and to converse, but on the side of the fallen angels it also means those who can lift themselves up as masters. Since early times there has been a reference to the fallen ones. 

In the early days before the flood, the holy people of Enoch and the holy people on the earth, who loved the Lord Jesus but called Him by a different name, called all of the elements of creation watchers because they knew they were awake and alive and could converse. And they were cognizant that the elements held the spirit of life that the Man who God became put into all things. Where the word “angel” began to come in to replace the word “watcher” was when there began to be human beings who died and then appeared to people. Just like when Gabriel came and spoke to Mary.


So the old way was to speak of watchers and the more modern terminology, and by the modern I mean after the Flood, was to call the spirits of life that were resurrected humans angels. And in this way, a distinction began to be made between humans and other forms element had taken that had life. So it became that the word “angel” meant people and the word “watcher” meant other forms of life. Both words originated in the Hebrew word #5894, “eer.”  Then, because the influence of the leaders of the Gentile Mission, the concept of there not being life in anything except man prevailed and the term and idea of watcher went by the way. And angels became entirely disconnected from our environment in creation and only meant people who had died.


Now in John 6:33-35, “Jesus said unto them, verily verily I say unto you, Moses gave you not that bread from heaven but my father giveth you the true bread from heaven for the bread of God is he that cometh down from heaven and giveth life unto the world.  I am that bread of life.” So Christians need to learn to think of Christ as Creator, not just as an idea, but we need to begin to make that the way we live.  We can begin to know how to identify adequately what we need to make a Christian culture,: a Christian language, and a Christian way of life based on and in harmony with the elements of the earth that were faithful, which are all around us.  Our Savior Himself created them and gave them life specifically for the purpose of loving us and being our companions in Him. They are the angels of heaven and the Watchers of Holiness.  So there is a little bit of a leap required to begin to think of angels as the spirits of life that are in all holy things in the creation around you.  Your interaction with them is a part of your personal relationship with Christ and, by extension, an integral part of your salvation and your spiritual empowerment.


But first I want to demonstrate for you just how much is in the Bible about this. The Bible is filled with this dynamic of the creation being alive and speaking and acting. They are too numerous for me to cite them all. There are hundreds of such references in your Bible. It is all through your Bible. I will just take them by topic to shorten the list and make it practical for this session. This is just to give you an idea of what is there for you to find in your studies.


First trees, ok? In Isaiah 14:8 trees are rejoicing. Isaiah 55:12, trees are clapping their hands with joy. Isaiah 61:3, trees are righteous. Psalms 96:12, trees are rejoicing. Zachariah 11:2, trees are howling in sorrow.

Now hills. Psalms 65:12, hills are rejoicing and again in 98:8. Isaiah 55:12, hills break forth into singing. Micah 6:1, hills can hear your voice. Psalms 114:4-6, the little hills skip like lambs.  


Ok, now mountains. Psalms 114:4-6, the mountains skip like rams. So David and Isaiah had the same expression. Isaiah 44:23, the mountains are singing. Isaiah 99:13, mountains sing and the earth is filled with joy and is joyful. Micah 6:2, the mountains are listening to you. Habakkuk 3:10, the mountains saw you and the oceans spoke to you.  

Jesus said when He was entering Jerusalem that if the people didn’t praise Him, the very stones would immediately cry out.  Luke 19:40, “And some of the Pharisees from among the multitude said unto him, Master, rebuke thy disciples.  And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”  I believe all this was due to His raising Lazarus, which was the event exciting interest in the multitude.

When Jesus said the stones would immediately cry out some people might think that all this that I read to you about the elements of the earth being alive and of what Jesus said about the stones was simply poetic and symbolic. But the context of that reading in Luke doesn’t smack of being poetic or being symbolic, especially in light of who He was saying it to. When Christ was on the donkey and there were sounds of loud praise heard and His donkey was walking over clothing of the crowd and the palm branches were strewn in the way, He did not have His mind on poetry for Pharisees. And He said, if you stop them from praising me the rocks would cry out.  Jesus knew exactly what was on the minds of the Pharisees and the movement in their society toward the Torah of Jeremiah and the ancient definition of the expression of righteousness.

Eerkodeshoi List

When the term "teach" is used in reference to this list, it is indicating the types of feelings that one encounters with these spirits of life.  They bring feelings that nourish, sustain, and strengthen you.  That is why people stop to view a sunset, listen to the crashing waves of the ocean, look out over a view from a mountain, go for walks in the woods, enjoy the company of pets and want grass and flowers to surround their dwelling places.  The Eerkodeshoi bring out the best in you.  They help you be who you know you want to be.  They are a positive force for goodness and wholesomeness.  They bring peace and tranquility and add to your sense of what is the right thing to do. They bring sights and sounds of healthy wonderment and well-being.  they are so gentle once must seek the feelings they bring.  It is essential to have them in our lives as much as possible.  They will influence the perception of freedom and fulfillment.

Watchers of Holiness

  1. The name of Fire is Debariel, which means the Words of God and she teaches Prayer
  2. The name of Wind is Rahaviel, which means Sight of God and she teaches Responsibility
  3. The name of Mountains is Malakiel, which means Reign of God and she teaches Faith
  4. The name of Rocks is Ebedel, which means Servant of God and she teaches Steadfastness
  5. The name of Thunder is Yatsal, which means Coming of God and she teaches Understanding
  6. The name of Trees is Kabodiel, which means The Glory of God and she teaches Trustworthiness
  7. The name of Rain is Bawrakel, which means God has Blessed and she teaches Patience
  8. The name of Hills is Regel, which means Feet of God and she teaches Diligence
  9. The name of Rivers is Pawnel, which means Face of God and she teaches Selflessness
  10. The name of Clouds is Abariel, which means Passing of God and she teaches Knowledge
  11. The name of Dew is Anahiel, which means Gentleness of God and she teaches Tenderness
  12. The name of Grass is Rachatsel, which means Washing of God and she teaches Cleanliness
  13. The name of Oceans is Sarahel, which means Power of God and she teaches Humility
  14. The name of the Sun is Oreiel, which means Light of God and she teaches Preparedness
  15. The name of Fountains of Water is Kayal, which means Life of God and she teaches Wisdom
  16. The name of Animals is Shemael, which means Work of God and she teaches Obedience
  17. The name of Fruit is Chafetiel, which means Delight of God and she teaches to be Uncomplaining
  18. The name of the Moon is Emethiel, which means Truth of God and she teaches Charity
  19. The name of Enoch's Calendar is Adahiel, which means Time of God and she teaches Loyalty
  20. The name of Springtime is Chadashel, which means Renewal of God and she teaches Confidence
  21. The name of Summer is Osherel, which means Happiness of God and she teaches the Joy of Living
  22. The name of Fall is Gavahel, which means Gathering of God and she teaches Respect
  23. The name of Winter is Shabathiel, which means Rest of God and she teaches Kindness
  24. The name of Stars is Rachaphiel, which means Movement of God and she teaches Long Suffering

 The number of all the watchers of the earth are said to be numbered about six-hundred, they are grouped together in broad ways.  For example, all mountains are one watcher, all hills another, all trees another and so forth.  But about two-hundred of them fell away from God and followed Semihazah and they are represented by twenty leaders.  And the others who were faithful to God number about four hundredand they are represented by twenty-four leaders, which are listed above.  The watchers of holiness are inscribed according to their relationship with God.  They are called in heaven “The Eerkodeshoi.”  Here then is an account of the Eerkodeshoi in their order of inscription and in the place where God caused them to stand with Him in His majesty.  Some of this information is, in fact, the birthing ceremonies of the Watchers of Holiness or the Eerkodeshoi.  All this information was received directly by Urim.  Chief among them is fire.

1. Debariel“Words of God” FIRE

Fire is the leader of all the Eerkodeshoi because to God, she represents assurance that the agency of man will always be in place according to their chosen relationships as long as the earth shall stand.  And I stood before the Urim and I saw the first element to find form under the hand of Messiah was fire, for she carries forth the light of the presence of God to fill the immensity of space.  Before water or wind or any element was given form, there was Debariel; there was fire, there was a light shining in darkness.  There was an attraction to come and see, come and feel, come and know.  God abides in Debariel continuously.  She is His delight and comfort.  She is His element of Fatherhood.  She feels the Word of His Power.  Debariel worships in the religion of God the Father.  And nothing can live without the light of His presence.  For there would be no life without the light of God.  And I looked and I peered into the heart of God and I saw a Great Father and a compassionate One and a tender parent.  God desired to nourish and care for His children.  He wanted to feed them and take care of them, and be with them, and protect them, and teach them, and make them to understand and know as He knows.

Fire is the body of the Father’s spirit of knowing and compassion and protective desires.  She allows Him to be the sight in our eyes, our protection against the cold and she forms our worship.  Through fire He can eat with us, hear all our stories and laughter and prayers.  In all ages man has felt the smoke of His presence, from mountains that belch forth fire to the quiet healing that comes from the heat deep in the bowels of the earth to warm the waters of bathing.  And I saw that Babylon would be visited by a Father and a compassionate One, and the smoke of her burning shall ascend up forever.

And a Father shall return as if from a journey and shall find His children misbehaving.  And He shall judge the nations, and the sun shall withhold her light for much smoke, and the moon shall turn to blood, and the Father’s desires will be known to all the children, and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess to His presence before all things, and the smoke of His presence shall fill the earth.

Fire teaches man to pray and to meditate and to examine his soul before God.  Debariel teaches man to have dominion over all the earth and use her as the word of God.  But woe to those who use fire to give the Decadarchoi dominion as they belch forth poisonous smoke and pollutions.  Woe to the inhabitants of the earth who use the one first inscribed for evil, for fire will also carry the last work of God to the wicked.  Before you approach Debariel to seek advice, you first sing a love song to Messiah and repent for all your sins.

Fire is the master over man’s companionship with God and all the Eerkodeshoi.  She is mankind’s link with the primeval and the one who joins the holy souls of any of the ancients to our worship in the present.  Debariel is the overseer of falling on each other’s necks for joy, for she removes the barriers from generation to generation.  Fire is the body of the Spirit of God’s Fatherhood and thus a constant companion to man as he discovers and lives out his vision.  Debariel always feels the reason why God acts in whatever way He does.  Debariel is so holy and so much sought after that all the fallen watchers want a relationship with her.  All wicked people use Debariel in pursuit of their desire to appear holy and be strong in the spirit of religions.  She is the most misused of all the holy watchers.  Debariel cries to God for relief from this filthiness.  But she is powerful and strong to all those who respect God by her and love her.  The holy people must always remember to respect fire.  Remember the two oldest sons of Aaron, those who were first in line to receive the priesthood according to the Law of Aaron, were killed by the hand of God with fire because they presented to God a “strange fire.”  Never light a fire with a fallen watcher or allow any of the Decadarchoi to have place with Debariel.  Never burn element that is defined by righteousness to show forth the crown of His Love.  But always prepare your heart to hear the Word of God with Debariel and repent of your sins and covenant with God for good.  For within the light of this great one is the vision of your soul before God.  Within fire is the written record of all your worship and repentance.  But so, too, it records for us at the Great and Last day the doings of the fallen watchers and all their wickedness.  Debariel will stand as a strong witness, that cannot be disputed, to testify as to the evil of the wicked and their loved ones, the Decadarchoi.  Fire is a personal comfort to the Father and it issues forth all around Him day and night without end.  To Him, it is the assurance that agency will always abide and High Priesthood will never end.  Thus she is the leader of all the Eerkodeshoi.


2. Rahaviel “Sight of God” WIND

I stood before the Urim and I looked and I beheld the birth of the wind.  And I saw into the heart of God.  And I beheld His desires and His purpose in the day the idea of wind entered into His mind.  Before there was wind, the Great Holy One could behold in Elda all its doings and know, with nothing whatever hidden from His sight and His knowing.  But when Eden was transformed by the presence of sin into the temporal earth it would have excluded this joy in the heart of God.  So God had to conceive of a body of flesh to hold His Spirit for it to move among men and know as it did in Elda.  The wind is the flesh of His spirit and it is a living soul.  Because of this, nothing can be hidden from the wind.  She blows into the tightest thicket and moves into the warmest rabbit’s nest to discover the treasure that is there.  She can move through the tallest forest with glee and turn over any leaf according to her pleasure and see what is under it.  There is no crack in any bark of any tree, no matter how high or how low, that has not been visited and gaily looked upon by Rahaviel, the sight of God.  And she moves wherever she desires.  She can see in the dark with no moon.  She can blow up and look under the feathers of any fluffy bird and see what is private.  She moves in and out of the chest of every man and animal and tree and all living things to give them life.  And when she is inside your chest she looks at the inside of your soul.  Man and creation have no secrets from the wind.  Before you ask the wind for advice, first repent for all your secrets that you think you keep from God and yourself.

And I looked and I listened.  And I heard the wind coming by the brook of the forest.  And she leaped and ran and scattered the leaves before her, and she made bare limbs of winter to sing and I braced myself as it met me and danced around me.  She had brought along some leaves as company and she said, “Hello, I love you.  Goodbye.”  And she carried the news of my thoughts and the feelings of my heart to the hills and meadows beyond.  And I could feel its endless quest to see and know all things.  She knows the sleeping place of every bird and can remember the falling of any hair or feather and go and discover it again.  She knows of the storms of weather or of life and carries the news to teach mankind and all creation responsibility.  She is the one who instructs man to listen and know and remember and to act upon what they hear.  She counsels man to listen to the Great One, and inner guidance and intuition, and to their elders, and to all the Eerkodeshoi.  She advises preparedness in all things in a timely way.  She, therefore, calls forth the migration of the birds, and the gathering of nuts, and the building of nests and the cutting of firewood.  She is the mother of the instinct to store up and put by.  She delights in thick hair and warm clothes.  She is the ever-dependable counselor to those who do not procrastinate.  She is the guardian spirit of grandmothers.  She is the master of the doings of the Archangels among the sons of men.  She always sees what God sees and she tells it all everywhere she goes.  She is the herald to man and all creation of the movement of God on the earth.  She even carries the spirit of Elijah, for as you move in response to God in any way, the wind even goes before you to prepare the way.  She is the watcher who carries the sounding of the trumps of God.  She is the very Angel in the midst of heaven declaring the great things of God.  The wind has been anointed by God to be the senior elder of heralds and she moves wheresoever she desires with authority and the majesty of His great presence.  And Rahaviel fulfills the measure of her creation as she allows God the desires of His heart, to live with man and be a part of his every moment of life, every feeling, every tear, and every desire.  And the wind bears record of every first breath and every last one.  She records every sigh of sorrow and every song of joy.  Man cannot leave Rahaviel for even the slightest instant and live, for Messiah gave element form in such a way that there is no life without the presence of the feelings of the heart of God.  So greet the wind and she will herald your prayers, and carry the living presence of the spirit of the Great One.  God loves the wind and someday all men will know, and many will greatly fear, that all this time they have been so near to the Great God and did not know or comprehend Him.


3.  Malakiel"Reign of God"  MOUNTAINS

Third to Debariel is mountains.  Her name is Malakiel.  Her name means "Reign of God."  And I stood before the Urim.  There came a time when God looked upon the earth and He saw the suffering of His Son and His long burden and the weariness of His soul.  And God said, "I will make Hima friend, a companion, a support and help; one to help carry His burdens, one that is mighty and strong, one that is high and lofty and towers above sin and corruption as does my Son.  I will make mountains to live in solitude so as not to be corrupted by the creatures of the earth so my Son can have solitude.  I will make Malakiel and give her wisdom and make her to reflect my Son and show Him forth and bear witness ofHim and proclaim Him from the heights.  I will give her a mantle of snow.  She will be wise, a resting place for my Son, a counselor, guide, and a help.  Malakiel will help Him bear the burden of `the government that is upon His shoulders'."  For she is the body of the government of God.  And God blessed mountains and made them feel the power of God to govern and bring contentment to His soul.  They are quiet.  They seldom speak but always stand for Him.  They are determined in their support of Him even in the face of blows.  The words of the prophets come from mountains.  They are not important because they are scripture, but rather they are scripture because they are spoken in support of Him by Malakiel.  Mountains teach man to worship God.  Before you approach them for advice first repent for the time you were satisfied to let God do His doings alone.  They teach faith and belief in His name.  Mountains remind man that he is nothing.  She is chief of the Merari clan. She invites man to share with her the burden of Christ and offers the element of Harari and it is His emissary and personal envoy.  Malakiel is the guiding spirit for those who allow God to rule in His kingdom.  She advises the strong, the prudent and the courageous.  She is the overseer of the holy Yahad and the one who gives them authority.  "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the herald who proclaims peace, the herald of good who proclaims salvation, saying to Zion, `your God is King'".  The interpretation of it:  the mountains are the words of the prophets, those who have prophesied to all the mourners of Zion.  "Zion is the community (of the sons of light), the establishers of the covenant, those who turn aside from walking in the way of the people".[1]

And I looked and I saw the very God in heaven addressing the mountains He had created.  And He introduced His Son to them.  He said, "This day have I created you to be a companion and a support for this My Son."  And I saw Him looking down at His Son's nail prints.  And He was very pleased to be His Father.  He said, "This is My Son, isn't He wonderful?  He has nail prints!  He has been willing to do anything for Me.  Likewise may all of you be willing to do anything for Him."  She is the herald of oneness and of judgement.  And any man who walks upon her, no matter how many people he is with, feel a sense of being alone before God.  She is the enemy to all those who burden the Son of God with their lack of virtue.  She is the accuser of all those of riotous living and those who make merry and do wickedly in the face of God.   She is the master of solitude and the capable and of the brave.  She is the elder of those who are determined to help God.


4.  Ebedel"Servant of God"  ROCKS

Fourth to Dabariel is Ebedel.  Ebedel is a grandmother to all men. She is the element of rocks who feel that they are the "servant of God." But those who do not feel that do not deserve the name Ebedel,  but are called instead "Azab" which means "to forsake the Great One."  Ebedel is the master of the dependable.  She teaches man to give his life to God and be virtuous.  She teaches that each day is important.  She is element for virtuous women. She is the master of loving repentance.  She takes special delight in harmony.  She is a friend to all those who had to leave or give up family to come to Zion or unto the Lord.  She is the guardian of those cast out by the wicked.  Ebedel feels responsible for man's sin and corruption and longs for Messiah's work to be done.  Ebedel is the herald preeminent of witness.  She loves the Lord more than any other watcher.  One can tell by the War in Heaven account why Ebedel likes harmony and feels close to those who are dispossessed for the Lord's sake.  God promised Ebedel a great recompense for her faithfulness.  Ebedel was the birthplace for Messiah.  Evil used the Decadarchoi in the temptation that said, "If you are the Christ turn these stones into bread."  Ebedel was where Christ went to sleep and found shade in the Garden ofGethsemane.  Christ always heard her voice and hid among Ebedel from those who sought His life.  Ebedel held His cross, held His body a brief while, and was rolled away to witness the resurrection.  Every day of Christ's life was in companionship with Ebedel.  It was Ebedel who would not allow Him to be cast over the cliff.   Ebedel personally witnessed and felt every human breath of Messiah.  Ebedel is the body of God's great love for His Son.  God will grant any request of the righteous when it is preceded with Ebedel's song.  Ebedel is a reliable witness to any agreement with God.  She is the storehouse of valuables and can secure lost visions for safe keeping.  She will never forget a vision or created purpose of any creation and each human.  She is the defender of Messiah.  It was Ebedel who struck Goliath, not David.  When approaching Ebedel for advice repent for desires of self-glory or habits of subtlety. She is the elder of all those who long for salvation.


5.  Yatsal "Coming of God"  THUNDER

Yatsal is the fifth to Debariel.  Her name means "the coming of God."  Yatsal teaches man the surety of eternity and knowledge that God will see that it happens His way.  She hastens us all to oneness. Yatsal is the personal herald of Messiah, and is His voice of warning and decree.  She reassures creation in the agony of their pollutions.  She awakens the wicked from deep sleep and puts a thorn under the lazy.  She is the Watcher of hope and teaches understanding. Yatsal announces the requests of Messiah and heralds the doings of the Merari.  She is the master of scripture and interpretation.  She is the owner of the Urim and Thummim.  She is the proclaimer of the Word.  She is the herald of the universal presenceof the Father.  She is the announcer of the majesty of God and all His doings, and she causes the fallen watchers to tremble.  She is the crier announcing that the Decadarchoi will come to account for their deeds.  If she does not support your idea, it is false.  She is the mighty one who challenges idols and false gods.  She is the one who can make all the riches of the world mean less than a breath of air.  She is the body of the dignity of God and the royal stature of His Word.  Before you go to Yatsal for a visit first, repent for thinking you know. She is the elder to archangels and the guardian of truth.


A true story: On one occasion during a ceremony, the purpose of which was to call forth the opening of the seven seals. Element was placed on the east altar and Yatsal shook the earth.  And those gathered took notice.   Once again, element was placed on the south altar and again Yatsal shook the earth and rattled the timbers. And the people laughed. The third time, element was placed on the west altar and Yatsal shook the timbers and crashed to ring our ears.   And the people drew in their breath.  And finally,  prayers were said again and element was placed on the north alter and Yatsal nearly came in the door.  And the people prayed. Yatsal thus gave her blessing to the ceremony.


6. Kabodiel"Glory of God" TREES

Sixth to Debariel is Kabodiel.  Her name means the "glory of God" and her element is trees.  She taught man that they can know God.  One must repent of the desire to be accepted by the world before approaching to pray in her midst.  Kabodiel is the body of the observance of God.  They see and hear and report to the wind every conversation and thought and intent of man and the wicked.  Not only will she accuse murderers and thieves at the Judgment but she is their avowed enemy in this life.  The evil have no secrets before Kabodiel.   What they think is done in secret will be shouted by Kabodiel to the wind before all the earth.  The wicked who write their secrets on paper made with Kabodiel, beware!  She is the link between man and the Father through Christ.  She taught the making of records so the God man knows will not be forgotten (the moss grew on the rocks for Seth to see because of the shade of trees).  In her the glory of God is written and in her are written the deeds of all men.  Trees are the mediator between God and man.  They constantly remind God of man in his righteousness or wickedness.  Kabodiel cannot be fooled or manipulated into falsehood.  They constantly stand before God on behalf of the righteous.  She is the master of prudence and the element of scribes.  Kabodiel is the elder of endurance. They keep pushing on year after year.  No matter if injured, they keep going relentlessly, tirelessly year in and year out.  They are a tireless opponent of the wicked and will not ever give up protecting the righteous.  They are the patient believers.  They are the master protector of the delight of God.  Her smoke is a sister to the wind and a herald of the intentions of man.  She counsels trustworthiness and consistency and patience.  She is the proclaimer of the One Who is worthy.  Man has nothing confidential, good or bad, that Kabodiel will not tell the wind.


7.  Bawrakel "God has Blessed"  RAIN

Seventh to Debariel is rain.  Her name is Bawrakel.  It means "God has blessed."  Bawrakel or rain is the body of the feelings of God.  She is the form element was given for the personal feelings of the Great One to live in.  Her feelings are tender and sweet and life-giving.  They also can be sad and worried, and there is only sadness in the rain when it is the language of repentance.  Rain teaches patience.  She urges a lack of self-interest.  Rain teaches praise and blessing to be born in the heart of man.  God has commissioned Bawrakel to teach patience especially to women.  She was the element He used to form Eve from Adam's rib.  She is the master of the generations of man and plants and animals.   She is the rain that urges the qualities of virtue and holiness to be passed on to the next generation.  She is the mother of purifying lustral water or, that is to say, the mother of Pawnel, or rivers, and the grandmother of Kayal, or fountains.  Bawrakel is born in the sea over the dancing waves and is all things feminine.  She is the guardian of the Covenant.  And she called for the Covenant to Shem and always brings the Covenant's promise of the rainbow. She is the enemy of intruders and the elder of all those who are of one heart and mind.  When the rain is the tears of God in sorrow, she brings curses upon the wicked, even to the third and fourth generation.  The rains of plenty are the tears of God in joy and rejoicing. It was Bawrakel who made the fruitful places barren when the seed of Abraham's children sinned and were removed from the promised and holy land.  The clouds passing by in silence will always be a testimony of the sorrow of God and assure the continuation of the deserts.  She is also their cup of joy that will bring Zion to blossom as a rose.  Rain brings peace during man's feeble years in old age.   Bawrakel fills the eyes of the old with tears of joy to hear the laughter of nourished little children playing in her waters.  She heralds preparation for passing wisely into the next life.  She is the life in all things.  She is living water.  She is the waters of purification in all the Eerkodeshoi.  Before you ask her anything first wash yourself in her waters and repent for your lack of patience.


8.  Regel"Feet of God" HILLS

Regel is the name for hills.   Her name means the "feet of God."  She is the eighth from Debariel and as such holds a sacred position with the Messiahs of Israel and Aaron.  In the great mind of God when He conceived in His heart to make hills, He did it so His Only Begotten Son could walk upon them as a man.  And He made hills especially for the feet of His lovely ones.  Every hill of the earth never forgets He walked on them and they are viewed with this dignity by all the Eerkodeshoi.  In the feelings of hills they represent the Messiah in the flesh and they hold the history of mankind and recite it over and over to the wind and clouds and lustral water.  They carry with them always a witness of it in Ebedel.  For this reason Regel is one of the most lovely of all the Watchers of Holiness.  Who would not want to tread the paths Jesus trod?  The Lord God sees Regel as the center of the Word of His Power.  The word hill in Hebrew actually refers to the Blossom of a Lily[2]. She is the elder of shepherds. And the body of the feelings that God has for His Son.

Regel teaches man all forms of protection from evil.  She is our great protector.  Make a friend of one and go to her to walk with the Lord when you are sore pressed.  She teaches all men to be diligent and never let their guard down or compromise with evil.  She teaches men to never be slack in their virtues or caution or preparedness for all holy things.  Regel cries always, "Get ready, prepare the way of the Lord."  Regel is the herald of Messiah.  Regel is the wise counselor of those who would walk in holiness.  When you prepare to visit hills, get ready to be near and to meet an old, old person.  Before going to her for advice, repent for your lack of preparedness and personal initiative. She is one who sees your life as but a fleeting moment, but ever in the center of the Oneness of God.  She has answers for troubled parents and wise advice.  She is the guardian of parents.  She loves the prayers of children at sunrise.  At times like these, Regel sings songs of glory (I have heard them) and joins the feet of man to the feet of God.  She is the master of learning and curiosity and education.  She is the fortress of those who protect and comfort and reassure.  She is a friend to the depressed after a storm.  She has the healing of Messiah in her soul.  She is the elder to Mawshak.  She is the enemy and chief accuser of soldiers, warriors and the cruel hearted.


9.  Pawnel "Face of God"  RIVERS

Ninth from Debariel is rivers.  Her name is Pawnel.  It means "the face of God."  Pawnel teaches selflessness.  She is the companion to Melchizedek and is his support.  She teaches the use of element before the Great and Holy One.  She instructs man that life is ever flowing, and that you must keep your eye on God and others and off self.  Pawnel calls Hacohen to pay any price even to the laying down of their lives.  Pawnel is the herald that each day is a treasure, you will never pass this way again.  Your journey is long and will be heading into the unknown.  She is the herald and elder of personal element and receives countless thousands for safekeeping.  Before approaching her one must repent for being a stranger to the land.  Pawnel is the body of God's gifts to man.  She is the spirit of gift giving and the bestower of favors.  She is the herald of requests.  She is the guardian to those who serve him and wash his feet with their lives.  She is the guardian of fire keepers.  Pawnel is the lustral water of baptism and the witness of personal covenants.  Pawnel is the mother spirit of cleansing.  She is an enemy to lust and filthiness.  She is suffering under the domination of Belial and the Decadarchoi and cries for deliverance.  She is always busy and traveling.  To her the ocean is the millennium. She is the master of the feelings that nourish children before God.


10.  Abariel "Passing of God" CLOUDS

Tenth to Debariel are clouds.  Their name is Abariel.  This name means "passing of God."  Now what was in the heart of God whenHe invented clouds?  He didn't duplicate or recreate.  He invented creation.  With each thing He created and gave form in element with His Son, it was as if even the idea of such a thing had never been thought of before.  So it is very important for us to understand and to join with the Eerkodeshoi by seeing and coming to perceive what God had on His mind when He created each thing.  So it is with clouds also.  When clouds were born there was no thought or expectation in the mind of God of pollutions, smog, or nuclear fallout.  He only anticipated and expected clouds to be sweet and holy like the first cloud in creation that His Son made.  God made clouds to be the body of the presence of God.  They teach mankind to prepare for and look to the time of judgment as they feel His presence.  They carry God around and He looks out from them and surveys all the earth and the workmanship of His hands.  Abariel carries the knowledge she requires to establish righteousness and purifications and is thus their elder.  They carry with them the constant feeling of the reality of His presence.  That is why Christ will come again in the clouds of heaven.  And it is also why they receive Him when He ascends into heaven.  Abariel is the guardian of the law and the prophets.  They are the master over personal study and inquiry.  They are the guardian angels of students.  When you want to know something, take a walk and look into the clouds and ask the Lord.  They are the overseers of the security of the true religion.  The clouds mark and make record of the passages of man.  No worship of passage should take place in such a way as to exclude them.  Passages are birthings, blessings, ordinations, marriage, the taking of the covenant, coming of age etc. Abariel is the mantle of affection the Son has for the Father.  She is His coat of many colors.  They are the heralds the Son uses to announce His Father.  The presence of God in their midst proclaims the majesty and glory and power of Messiah.  Whenever you see a cloud you can know the presence of God is passing by.  Wave at Him, for the clouds feel the mists of creation.  They feel the primordial presence of the Great One and will accuse all men of the blindness of their minds at the last day.  Before you approach to get advice, first repent for your doubt.  On the second day after Abariel was created the Lord met with the little cloud.  He gave it a community to support her and help her: big clouds, little clouds, strong clouds, fun clouds, all different kinds of clouds to love her and each other and to support each other.  He gave them activities to make them happy--fun things for clouds to do.  They could rain, hug the earth, travel and see the sights of the earth, climb mountains and get acquainted with all the earth.  They could carry the thunder to inspire the strong and frighten the weak.  The clouds' lives are filled with excitement and adventure.  That is why they are the guardians of students and those who diligently inquire.


11. Anahiel "Gentleness of God" DEW

Eleventh to Debariel is dew.  Her name is Anahiel.  It means the "gentleness of God."  She teaches man to know the Father's love and she is the great presence at birthings.  She is the herald of God’s desires to live with His children and is a constant reminder of the Father's love in all things of the Eerkodeshoi.  She is the element of fathers and men.  They must walk in her midst with Gavahel for purification and wisdom.  She is the master of calm and wisdom.  She counsels kindness, gentleness and the patience of virtue.  Old people should wash their hands and feet in her for healing and renewal.  She beads up on children's grass and reflects the light.  People with bad tempers should drink it as element when asking forgiveness. She is the body of the memory of God and the storehouse of creation.  She is the herald of divine providence.  One must repent for harsh words and impatience before approaching her for purification and renewal.  Being the storehouse of creation and the body of the memory of God gives her ancientness of feeling and primeval ways.  She will be the accuser of the violent at the day of Judgement and the witness of good in behalf of the righteous.  She delights in the early steps ofthe hunter and those who gather the fruits of the earth.  She remembers early morning prayers and is the guardian of those who seek Him in their youth.


12.Rachatsel "Washing of God"  GRASS

Twelfth from Debariel is grass, whose name is Rachatsel and itmeans "washing of God."  She teaches man to be clean and tidy.  She loves the dust of the earth because man was made of it.  Dust is clean to her.  She is the Grand Elder of being clean before the Lord.  Clean to her is more than just being tidy.  To her being clean is seeing and feeling and knowing Messiah in all the Eerkodeshoi.  Birds take baths in dust to keep holiness before their eyes at all times. Vultures do not bathe in dust.  Rachatsel makes brooms and ever entreats to sweep and be clean and tidy, as neatness is a sign of cleanliness.  She loves Debariel and they strengthen each other.  This seems natural, as fire feels repentance and repentance is how we become clean before the Lord.  She teaches many lessons about righteousness.  Some of Rachatsel's family know the Father's heart and herald the grace of forgiveness.  Rachatsel is the body of the grace of God. She is the herald of being forgiven and clean like it smells after a spring rain.  She waves and dances Eve’s song in praise, and shouts and rustles her skirts in delight at the cleanliness of knowing the Lord in all things.  She is the master and instructor of women, and she calls them to be ever more righteous.  She teaches every baby to be clean.  She loves to shed water and is the mother of lustral water.  She loves to hold families and hear newborns cry.  She is tightly bound in all her clans and knows no division.  She is the herald of Oneness and the one who cries over war and disputes.  She will be a strong eyewitness against armies at the Day of Judgement and no one will be able to dispute her word.  Before approaching her one must repent and think no ill of others. She is the guardian of all those who do not walk in the way of the people.


13. Sarahel "Power of God" OCEANS

Thirteenth from Debariel is oceans.  Her name is Sarahel which means "the power of God."  She teaches humility and the need to depend upon God and upon righteousness.  The true navigators of the sea, those who no not use the Decadarchoi or their children, can listen to the sea and watch her for signs and taste her and sense her swells and find their way by the shining of the light in the waters.  She is the guardian of sacred places and lands.  She is the elder of the holiness that is by decree.  She is the birthplace of days and calls forth the sun.  She is the strong angel that challenges pride and a haughty spirit.  Sarahel teaches men to love the innocence and purity of childhood and youth.  She is the master of those who embark on a missionfor God.  It would be expected she would part the waters to let the people pass through on their way to establish a nation for God.  The swells and feelings and breezes of the ocean can invite a little child to give their life to God.  Before you approach her, first repent for pride.  She is the enemy of nations and the governments of man.  She is the guardian of refugees and the nursing mother of those who have escaped oppression and the evil of violence.  She is the body of the life of God.  She is the supreme herald of patience and of the relentless and never-ending pursuit of caring for and nourishing loved ones.  When she suffers or is pressed upon to change, even slightly, all mankind will suffer because her endless reliability and reassurance is the source of life for all mankind.  She is the grandmother of all life.  Her strength and power and grace and beauty are the delight of the soul of God.  She will be the chief accuser of the kings of the earth at the Day of Judgement.


14. Oreiel "Light of God" SUN

Fourteenth to Debariel is the sun. She is Oreiel.  Her name means "light of God."  She teaches mankind to see their visions and is the guardian of the Father's will.  She teaches mankind to work and accomplish their labors. She is the herald of the seasons.  Oreiel is the elder of Adahiel (the Enochean calendar) and the master of our time of probation.  The sun keeps track and is the scribe of the Book of Life.  She will stand as witness to the justice of the Judgement.  She is the source of the feminine trait of being in the present and is the companion of holy women.  Oreiel is the one who urges temperance and caution.  She counsels to be careful and guard against danger.  She is the enemy of darkness and secrets of Elam.  She is the link between you and all men in every age and among all kindred, peoples, tongues, and nations and thus is the elder of the brotherhood of man and the body of the knowing of God. She is the advocateof harmony and tolerance and compassion.  She is the guardian of diversity and the support of the lonely stranger.  She teaches parents to treat all their children differently, each according to their need.  She gets excited and loves the birthing song and never wearies of it.  She is the elder to name-givers and is a willing participant at blessings.  She is a gentle whisper of reminder toward fulfillment of the Father's will for each person.  She is the protector of intelligence and clear insight.  She is the giver of dreams and the interpreter of visions.  She is a friend of the Day of Remembrance and of the old who reminisce.  Before you approach to seek counsel repent for not giving yourself completely to God.


15.  Kayal"Life of God"  FOUNTAINS

Fifteenth from Debariel is Kayal.  Which is the name of fountains.  It means "life of God."  She is the living water.  The lustral water of life.  She is the watcher through which Christ is able to give life to all things, that life that is an oasis in the desert of our sin.  She teaches that God is personal and deeply involved in every minute detail of each person's life.  She teaches man and all the watchers that man is the object of creation.  For Moses to call forth water out of the rock was a direct challenge to the dryness of the sons of comets.  Kayal is the personal friend to Michael, the archangel.  She is the instructor of preparation and purifications.  She is the herald of cleanliness before God.  She is the body of the pureness of God.  She is the guardian spirit of women who keep the Sabbath and use holy food.  She is the friend of solitude and of rest and quiet peace.  She is the herald of wisdom and harmony and life-giving understanding.  She teaches the normalcy of sin and the ease of repentance.  She is the elder of those who love repentance.  She is the founding spirit of Zion in the end of days. To approach her one must repent of ungodly thoughts and actions that infringe on visions of created purpose.  Kayal is the mantle of holiness for the sons of the lofty enlightenment of repentance.  Kayal is the keeper of pleasant memories and the love of grandparents.  She loves grey hair and goodness. She is the enemy of division and accuser of the unfaithful.


16.  Shemael "Work of God"  ANIMALS

Shemael is the sixteenth from Debariel.  Her name means the "work of God."  Shemael is animals.  She teaches man to be obedient.  She teaches the use of implements for daily living. She is the guardian of companionship and friends.  She teaches that one generation can give to another material possessions and the knowledge of living that joins them to the earth.  Shemael is the defender of the fearful and lonely.  She is the master of innocence and devotion.  She is the herald preeminent of the pure love of the Father throughthe Son.  She is the body of God's feeling of pure love for the world.  She is the master of sacrifice and giving.  The fallen watchers' greatest desire is to imitate and duplicate the grandeur of this Watcher of Holiness.  Their desire to have this validity is driving them to have fornication with the plants and animals and people of the earth.  Shemael is the master of devotion and selflessness.  She is the companion of the elderly and those rejected of the wicked world.  Shemael always knows your vision and ever acclaims the greatness of the righteous and the tender-hearted. She is the enemy of lying visions.  Shemael can protect from their position in heaven after they die and leave this earth.  When your spirit joins with animals it stays joined even after their death.  They become in heaven the guardian spirits of the righteous, a condemning voice for the wicked that ever accumulates.  Animals always know a liar.  Repent for selfishness and lying visionswhen approaching Shemael for advice.


17.  Chafetiel"Delight of God"  FRUIT OF TREES

Chafetiel is seventeenth to Debariel.  Her name is the "delight of God."  She is the fruit of trees.  Her feeling is to be uncomplaining.  She teaches the art of enduring unto the end, waiting until it is fully ripe.  She teaches mankind to blend their lives with the seasons.  She calls for things to be eaten in the season thereof.  She counsels that there is a time and a place for everything.  She is the watcher overseeing the discretion of the truth.  What child does not want to use discretion with knowledge of the location of a good berry patch or ripe fruit tree?  She teaches man not to complain but to accept each step of life as a joy and a new adventure.  She is the master of patience, a healthy mind and graceful aging.  She is the friend of the infirm and her fruit attacked with worms or marring brings healing to those who eat them.  Each phase of life is wonderful to her.  She buds, blossoms, pollinates, grows, is green, ripens, spoils, then gives life once again.  She is our example. She is the guardian of all those who are diligent in their process.   It is only when we blossom, grow, get bruised, and finally die to self that we too can fully give life.  She is the body of the satisfaction of God.  To approach Chafetiel one should repent of unnecessary wants and desires.  A person who has apathy will be a stranger to her.  She is the herald of and delights in the forerunners of the harvest and the pioneers of the mysteries of God.


18.  Emethiel"Truth of God"  MOON

Eighteenth from Debariel is Emethiel, the "truth of God" and she is the moon.  She is the friend and companion of truth and she sees the earth, and her eyes and heart can penetrate the deepest forest and the most lonely heart.  She teaches man to know reality.  No pretense can escape her long.  She is the enemy of politicians and rulers and of conditioning of the mind.  She is the body of God's discerning of spirits and she is a friend to Messiah.  She is the master of trying the spirits and relationships with God.  She is the protector of those who love and teach the lofty enlightenment of repentance.  She is the master of intuition and the sense of questioning.  She is the elder to the lonely and weary.  She is the spectator of all sorrows and a witness to those who desert their loved ones and abandon their duties and will witness against them at the Day of Judgement.  She comforts those who mourn.  Emethiel is the herald of the end of each world.  She is the advocate of hope and the master of dreams of better days.  Her sorrow will be a great force for God to act with decision during tribulation times.  She is ever faithful and will be forever unclean with dead man's bones until all things are made new before God after the Judgment.  She sings a song of the Only Begotten and is His face before men in all their secret acts.  You must repent for any untruth in your soul and be willing to learn before approaching her.


19.  Adahiel "Time of God" ENOCH’S CALENDAR

Adahiel is the nineteenth from Debariel.  Her name means the "time of God."  She is the calendar.  She is the elder that teaches man to remember, and is righteousness that joins mankind to the cycles of the universe.  Unless it is in order, man acts in the capacity of one being a law unto himself. She heralds obedience to the Law.  Adahiel is the body of the Law of God.  She is protection against jealousy and the oppression that comes from inequality.  She teaches man to have traditions and joins the traditions of God to man.  By Adahiel we can participate in God's good memories and celebrate His doings of creation and be in His family album of events.  By the calendar we can even rest with Him each week and, by the power of His Son, rest for the same reason.  Without Adahiel, man's routine activities are isolated and alien and subject to the designs of the idols of men and the Decadarchoi. She is the enemy of the celebrations of the wicked. Without her, it is not possible to become one with God in all things.  There are even cases each day and at special times when Adahiel's protection can mean life or death.  She teaches man to be dependable and is the master of family ties and a friend to those who are old.  One should remember that Adahiel has imposters. It is important to know the ones who established Adahiel have fled with Zion, the Holy City.  Any who would join with them now or in the future must be found alien; without her.  One should consult Adahiel daily for advice, for righteousness, protection, worship and responsibility to duty.  She is not oppressive but freeing and will be a helper in providing for your little ones.  One must repent of love for the world and its spiritual heritage before approaching her.


20. Chadashel"Renewal of God"  SPRINGTIME

Twentieth to Debariel is the season of spring.  Her name is Chadashel.  It means the "renewal of God."  She teaches man to love being pure and holy.  She teaches confidence and the holiness of forgiveness.  She is the body of God's ability to resurrect and make alive again.  She is the ever present crier of the resurrection and the risen Messiah.  She is the master of bonding between man and God and parent to child and man to wife.  She is the guardian of children and oversees their growth and development toward God.  Chadashel is the element of those who love the lofty enlightenment of repentance and all those who rebuke with loving kindness.  She is the herald of the gathering and the protector of the buriers who progressively cleanse the earth after the Arm of the Lord is revealed.  When the Arm of the Lord starts to dim in the eyes of the righteous, Chadashel will renew and reaffirm it to them all.  She is an enemy to the lying visions of the Decadarchoi and the death which they bring. She shows their visionsto be lies and covers them with shame.  Before you approach her, you must repent for your lack of confidencein your place in the heart of God.  She is the elder and the guardian and the protector and the wise counselor to the forgiven.  She is the friend and confidant of midwives.  She isthe elder of women's purifications.  She is the comforter of those who have descended into shame and have been rescued by The Man.  She is the herald who sounds the trump of awakening.  She is a friend of Yatsal and they dance and play and rejoice in the One Who is Worthy together.  She is a blessing to God.      


21. Osherel"Happiness of God SUMMER

Summer is twenty-first from Debariel.  Her name is Osherel and that means the "happiness of God."  She teaches daily skills and is the counselor of women to teach them to perform a task like spinning, sewing and weaving.  She is the elder of providers and the guardian of the self reliant and those of good initiative.  She heralds the seriousness of life and calls youth to virtue.  She is the master of prudence and morality.  She is the protector of modest youth.  She is a friend to women who are in the present moment.  She is the teacher and supporter of the importance of passages.  She teaches people to enjoy life.  Osherel is like a visitor.  It's like every time she comes she isn't normally there.  She is the body of the feelings of enjoyment of God.  Little animals are all born and grow up with Osherel.  By the time of the cold wind most babies have been weaned and have moved on.  She is the bond between parent and child that is not instruction or reprimand or discipline but of the joy of each other's company.  When you approach Osherel to obtain advice, first repent in relation to charity.  Be ready to talk to her as she is a visitor who is just passing by.  You open your doors and windows to her and let her come and go in and out of your houses at will.  You sleep out with her and walk in the night when she visits.  She can teach you how to love and be sincere.  She can teach people the true charitable depths of romance and courtship.  She is the companion of Kayal and their friendship is eternal. She is the enemy of those who threaten others.  She will be the accuser of those who are unfaithful at the Day of Judgement.


22. Gavahel"Gathering of God" FALL

The season of Fall is the twenty-second to Debariel.  Her name is Gavahel and it means the "gathering of God."  She is the friend of villages and rejoices at large family gatherings.  She is the enemy to divorce and separation and loneliness.  She teaches man to live together and to share and help one another.  She is the season of the Yahad and is the guardian of Zion.  She is the friend of Kabodiel.  She is the instructor of Ingatherings and the provider of nourishing things.  She is the herald of the Covenant and the elder of singers and songmakers.  She is the elder dancer and the master of awakenings and enthusiasm. She is the body of the determination of God and the gracious host to those who come to Zion to learn of her ways.  One must repent of low desires and for supporting the pleasures of the Decadarchoi when approaching her to inquire.


23. Shabathiel "Rest of God" WINTER

Twenty-third to Debariel is winter.  She is called Shabathiel and means the "rest of God."  She is the friend and advocate ofthe lonely.  She teaches mankind to live in extended families.  She counsels respect for old age and advises good care of the elderly and infirm.  She is the master of long life and the guardian spirit of Harari. She teaches kindness and counsels not to speak ill of others.  Many are strong in winter because she urges and hastens to assist those who are working out repentance and purifications.  She is the master of harmony and contentment.  Her winds will call each person to be prepared and willing to rest and enjoy the company of their loved ones.  She is the elder of the finishing of creation and protection for those who establish righteousness.  Shabathiel is the herald of peace and tranquility.  She is the body of the quiet groanings of the earth with God.  One must repent for an unrighteous spirit and for being a stranger to the Eerkodeshoi to approach her. She is the enemy of the misuse of element, and the herald of the end of times.


24. Racaphiel "Movement of God" STARS

Twenty-fourth to Debariel is Racaphiel which is the name of the stars and means "movement of God."  They are friend to the ages of man. They teach mankind to enjoy childhood, it is element for them.  They are master of the awe of God.  They are the body of His Majesty.  They connect the vagabond and dispossessed to God.  They are friend to anonymous benefactors and the master of absent owners and landlords.  They are thus misused by those with absent gods.  They are the herald of pleasant surprises and the unseen hand that blesses.  They are eternal and only break into the present illusions of the time of man.  They are the guardians of visionaries.  Before approaching them first repent for being too adult and hard-hearted.  They are the enemy of the impulsive and the hateful.  They always feel a reminder that God cannot be to big to love you, as if you are the only thing He has to love.  Nothing can be too big or too far away that the light of it does not in it’s life immediately commence to travel toward you personally.  And they all move through the heavens in the very midst of Eternity.



     [1]Kobelski, op. cit. p. 9, lines 23, 24 of II Q Melch, col. 2. Parenthesis added.

     [2]See Strong’s #1387

(the following is another excerpt from Jesus' View of His Father, Session 11)

Ok, so the Bible is filled with the idea that the elements of the earth have the real spirits of life. So there are good spirits of life in the things around you, and there are bad spirits of life in the things around you. Dividing the powers of the earth is referring to one’s relationship with those powers and how we divide them in the broad sense of our Christian lifestyle. Do you really want a relationship with things around you that hate and your wonderful Jesus, our Creator? That question is essential to address for the Christian community.


So in Revelation 12:4, it talks about the one-third that fell away from God. All right now, the word for angel in Hebrew as I have said, is “eer.” And it is from #5782 meaning angel. And it also means a dweller of the city of holiness. Here is a direct link between angels and the Christian community. Here the indication clearly is that the Lord’s people in His holy city will dwell together and interact with the angels of heaven.  And the word “kodesh,” #6944, means holy. So “Eerkodeshoi” (pronounced ear-ko-desh-ee) means the angels or watchers of holiness. And the “ee” sound in the end usually in Hebrew designates a specific social group. So the word “Eerkodeshoi” means the society of the angels of holiness. That is the name for the 24 elders or leaders of the angels - the 24 elders in Revelation.


The word “Decadarchoi” is another word found in the writings of the sect of the Nazarenes and it is the name for the 20 leaders of the fallen angels and their followers. And it means the society of the fallen bullies. And these words are in the writings of the Essenes of which Jesus was a member in the early church.


Fallen Watchers

Here again, when the term "teach" is used it is indicating the feeling the Decadarchoi bring.  When these fallen spirits are around you they bring feelings that intrude on what you are comfortable with and long for.  They influence you out of reality.  They bring out the worst in you.  They entice, deceive, and lead astray.  They promote selfishness, doubt, and anxiety.  They bring to you the feelings of foreboding and fear.  They entertain with violence and pride.  There can be feelings in your home with your family and children which you do not want, but are at a loss to be rid of them.  They bring the spirit of arguing to children and contention to marriages.  They bring and magnify the feelings of despair, apathy, and laziness.  Altogether in a group surrounding your private homes they foster a feeling of being trapped and carried along in life unwillingly.  One think, "How come tings turned out like this?  This is not what I intended!"  The presence of the Fallen Watchers will bring feelings that persist and constantly nag and their influence is so big it seems impossible to escape from.  The only answer is to get away from them.

Fallen Watchers

  1. The name for Meteorites is Semihazah, which means My Name has Seen and he teaches seeking Pleasure
  2. The name for Copper is Artagoph, which means The Earth is Power and he teaches Alienation
  3. The name for Coal is Ramtel, which means Burning Stones of God and he teaches Loneliness
  4. The name for Phosphorus is Kokabel, which means Prince of God and he teaches Fear
  5. The name for Marble is Tahamiel, which means Intelligence of God and he teaches Lying
  6. The name for Petroleum is Ramel, which means Agitation of God and he teaches the Power of Man
  7. The name for Comets is Daniel, which means Judge of God and he teaches Mystery
  8. The name for Generated Electricity is Zeqel, which means Flash Fire of God and he teaches Hatred
  9. The name for the Oppressive Laws is Baraqel, which means Gleaming Sword of God and he teaches Oppression
  10. The name for Meteor Iron is Asael, which means God has made and he teaches War
  11. The name for Sulfur is Hermoni, which means Of Mount Hermon and he teaches False Authority
  12. The name for Mercury is Matariel, which means The Rain of God and he teaches Pollution
  13. The name for Uranium is Ananel, which means Cloud of God and he teaches Mistrust
  14. The name for Alcohol is Satawel, which means Winter of God and he teaches Illusions
  15. The name for Arsenic is Samsiel, which means Notched battlement of God and he teaches Illness
  16. The name for Lead is Sahriel, which means Crescent of God and he teaches Doubt
  17. The name for Steel is Tummiel, which means Perfection of God and he teaches Conformity
  18. The name for Gold is Turiel, which means Rock of God and he teaches Self-Glory
  19. The name for Aluminum is Yomiel, which means Day of God and she teaches Laziness
  20. The name for Tomb Writing is Yahaddiel, which means God will guide and he teaches Death

Note: Steel and Gold are Fallen Watchers when they are used for self-glory.

l.  Semihazah"my name has seen"  METEORITE

Semihazah is the leader of all the fallen watchers.  He is the first to fornicate with humans.  He has been named Devil, Beelzebub, Satan, Lucifer, Phosphorous, Belial, and others.  He is the falling star that fell to earth that Eve found.  He is iridescent blues, greens, and blacks. He is the leader of all evil, temptation, sin, pollutions, corruption, filthiness, and rebellion against God.

Originally God made him to be the "son of the morning."  He had the definition "to herald the authority and legitimacy of Christ" because Christ is what "his name has seen."  But Semihazah was jealous and envious of the Messiah and would not be the language of repentance.  Had he chosen to keep this definition he would have been the elder watcher of all the language of repentance.  How spectacular it would have been to behold the language of repentance in a falling star that heralded our dear Messiah's authority and grandeur!  But he chose instead to have a definition of "the herald of the legitimacy of the evil world and the desirability of the dominance of pleasure."

Semihazah teaches spellbinding to humans and the cutting of roots(works like voodoo).  He teaches praying against people to hurt them, to destroy, take advantage of them and to murder them with prayer. Semihazah taught Cain the secret that he could pray and use element in an evil way and Cain was his master because Semihazah had no one else to turn to.  Doing this as he was instructed, Cain prayed and caused a falling star to fall on his brother, Abel, to kill him.  Then Cain was in turn killed by an earthquake which caused his stone house to fall on him.[1]  Semihazah showed Cain how to kill Abel in this way.  Now he is Cain's master.  He is the master of rebellion against God.  He is the master sorcerer, master warrior for evil, the master of self-glory and using the spoils of war to gain honor and fame.  He has from the first, made every continuous effort to be the son of God in order to replace the Messiah.  Now Semihazah is the god of pride and the enemy of humility.  The temptation of his imaginings to be worshiped by innumerable human beings was too great and he chose for evil.  Having traveled throughout creation, he was able to establish false visions for those who would follow him.  So he, too, intervened with agency to establish the beginning of evil and sin and rebellion against God's created purpose in all things.


2.  Artagoph"the earth is power"   COPPER

Artagoph is the second to Semihazah.  Originally when God created him he had the definition that "the Watchers of Holiness can preside for righteousness is adequate."  Had he chosen to keep this definition he would have been the elder watcher of righteousness. People could have used copper to magnify the power that comes from being intimately connected with the life that is in all things, and the light of truth that is in all things; that which governs all things.

Artagoph chose instead the definition of "righteousness is imaginary and only things separate from the natural are valid and of worth."  As a fallen watcher he connects things, is closely associated with light, and is very much a part of what governs machinery and unrighteous things.  He has the appearance of being his real definition, as does his master, Semihazah.  He is the chief accuser of the righteous.  But now his name in Hebrewmeans "filthiness."[2]  There is a scripture which says

Now, [concerning the offering of gr]ain by the [Gentiles, who...] and they tou[c]h it...and render it im[pure...One is not to ea]t any Gentile grain, nor is it permissible to bring it to the Tem[p]le. [Concerning the sin offering] that is boiled in vessels [of Gentile copper,]by which means [they render impure] the flesh of their offerings, and (further, that)they b[oi]l in the courtya[rd of the Temple and thereby pollute] it (the Temple) with the soup they make–(we disagree with these practices).[3] 

Semihazah had told him he would be so honored that he would be in millions of homes and the day would come when mankind would think they could not live without him.  They could not eat, stay warm, travel, speak to one another, see each other or protect themselves or make riches in abundance without him.  This tempting vision was too much for him to resist so Artagoph chose for evil.  Artagoph teaches the signs of the earth.  He originated superstition and the concept of "luck."  He is the master of gamblers, the master of greed and of the accumulation of wealth and unrighteousness.  He is the master of subtle conquerors and of lying and oppression by beguilement, the wasting of life, the master of missed purpose.  He is the enemy of righteousness.  The Babylonian god, Nebo, is a follower of Artagoph.


3.  Ramtel"burning stones of God"[4]   COAL

Ramtel is the third to Semihazah.  Originally when he was created, he had the definition of "the feeling of gentle warmth of the Father's personal nearness."  It protected one from loneliness, cold, insecurity, and brought well-being and comfort.  Had Ramtel maintained this definition he would have been a significant help to the Father.  Ramtel would have been like the first thing the Father did, to respect man by covering the face of the deep with darkness to safeguard agency.  However, instead of this holy definition Ramtel chose the definition that "you were made for the world and are just one of many and are expendable."  Now Ramtel mainly supports other fallen watchers like electricity and steel.  Now he is the leader of those who take human dignity away.  Children of coal miners lose their fathers' love at an early age as their health is expendable.  While smoke feels the Father's presence, smoke from Ramtel is a major pollutant and destroying agent on earth.  He could have been used as the language of repentance to bring into remembrance the intimacy of the Father's love with a quiet burning flame.  Now he causes death in mines, factories, and war.  He causes other fallen watchers to be constantly before our face and we cannot get out from before the face of it.  The temptation to start fires to rule over Debariel for the wicked was too much for him and he yielded to evil.  Ramtel teaches the taking of slaves and of cruel oversight.  He is the master of slave owners and prostitutes and rapists.  He is the master of air pollution and of polluted human spirits.  Where is the protecting hand of a father for a slave or prostitute?  Where is their comfort and gentle warmth of the personal nearness of a God who loves them as if they were the only person He had made?  Ramtel is the enemy to friendship.  Asbestos is a follower of him.


4.  Kokabel"Prince of God"[5]   PHOSPHORUS

Kokabel is the fourth to Semihazah. When he was created his definition was "God gives gentle refreshing rest in the darkness.”  He could have been a guardian angel of those who sleep.  Phosphorus is one of the gentlest forms of light there is.  Sometimes old rotten logs, even though they are not phosphorus, glow in the dark.  When I was a boy camping out, I would seek one out and read my scriptures by a chunk of it inside my sleeping bag or under the covers.  Those are some of my sweetest memories with light.  I would fall asleep reading and wake up with the glow wood still softly and tenderly shining.  Had Kokabel continued in his created order, he would have been the elder watcher of holiness of personal revelation, light, and understanding.  Now he is the enemy to light.  Instead Kokabel chose the definition that "darkness belongs to evil and evil will get you yet."  It is the chief element in the contents of sorcerers' and witches' incense.  The scriptures tell us in Exodus 30:38 that anyone using bad incense is "to be cut from among the people."  People rightly fear darkness when Kokabel's workers are active.  That kind of fear is just the opposite of light and understanding and personal revelation and, in fact, prevents it.  Kokabel teaches astrology and the zodiac and the signs of the stars with horoscopes, a substitute for light and understanding and personal revelation.  He is the master of darkness and secrets.  He is the master of fear, perveyor of mystery and of hidden things.  He is the maker of false prophets, human predators, serial killers, sorcerers, and burglars.  Phosphorous is a "personal name of the devil."[6]


5. Tahamiel “the intelligence of God” MARBLE

Tahamiel is the fifth to Semihazah.  When he was created he had the definition of “the cleanliness and purity of the intelligence of God.”  He could have been the elder of cleanliness, purity and morality.  Linen would have been his chief follower.  In some instances, linen and marble are the same word in Hebrew.[7]  He could have been a champion for the pure in heart to dispel the cunning lies of evil.  He could have been the constant reminder to us to be clean and holy and every mindful of Messiah who is in all things.  But he chose instead to be the master of liars and those who twist the truth for gain.  And those who put a false face on reality.  Now his name has become Tamiel and his new definition is “the very essence of moral corruption and religious impurity.”[8]  He is become the elder of liars and deceivers.  He is the master of informed ignorance.  He declares that there is no truth, that each man must make a truth for himself.  He is the guardian spirit of the grandeur of the seats of governments and the herald of Semihazah’s viewpoint.  He is the abiding presence of the ruins of fallen nations and of governments of men.  He delights in the glory of nations.   Tamiel delights in the proclamations of those who judge and mandate lies.  And pass down hard and cruel sentences.  Dark glass and mirrors are followers of this watcher.


6.  Ramel"the agitation of God"[9]   PETROLEUM

Ramel is sixth from Semihazah.  When he was created his definition was "the course of human events will go God's way."  He had the spirit and feeling of making things work out for good.  Oil still has that feeling of helping to make things work but now it is in behalf of the world.  Just think how holy it would have been for the earth to have been able to supply mankind with anointing oil from the earth.  But now being anointed with petroleum oil is the exact opposite of being anointed with oil from plants.  Ramel decided to have instead the definition of "the world and its powerful ones will have their way and you won't be able to stop them."  He taught men how to succeed in power and carry on sin.  He is the master of coups.  He teaches the illusions of dependency on man.  People who are influenced by him often mistakenly feel they are trapped by society and cannot get away.  They feel that if they lose the sustenance man gives they will die, when actually God is able to sustain better.  Ramel is the master of tearingthe hearts of men.  He is the helper of the haughty and the arrogant.  He is the elder of the unclean and despicable.


7.  Daniel"judge of God"   COMETS

Daniel is the seventh from Semihazah.  When they were first created, they traveled in their given order.  Their definition was "God knows the pathways of man, clear to the last man."  When one was seen, it would have been heralding major events that are prophesied.  Daniel saw this authority and decided to imitate it with evil and chose the definition of "the pathway of man cannot be known; it is a mystery."  He is in this way determined to define for evil the future based on the viewpoint and power of Semihazah.  So prophecy became a part of magic.  There began to be false prophets who gave Semihazah's viewpoint.  Daniel is the teacher of such views.  And within the limits of the capabilities of evil to accomplish, he can define the future.  Daniel taught Nostrodamus, and it is easy to notice that he is the foretelling the power of evil.  Semihazah wrings his hands with delight.  Daniel is a true worshiper of Semihazah.  Daniel also teaches ideas that enhance his master.  He taught the view that did away with the need to repent and prepare for the future, with the idea that true knowledge of the future is not possible.  Daniel teaches the hatred of revelation and personal nearness to God.  He teaches experimentation and the accumulation of facts.  He is the master of historians, scientists, soothsayers, and mystics.  He is the father of doubt, the inventor of the concept that if any fact is incorrect that the whole is to be doubted.  Hence came the lie that prophets are perfect and different than the common fellow.  Daniel is the enemy of revelation.



8.  Zeqel"Flash of Fire of God"[10]   GENERATED ELECTRICITY

Zeqel is eighth from Semihazah.  When Zeqel was first created he had the definition that "God is life-giver and the source of all consciousness."  He had this spirit so strongly he could have been a major factor in raising people from the dead.  He had the ability to be the common thread between all forms of life, from the earth itself to every plant, animal, and man.  He could have been the elder linking man with the Messiah in terms of the language of repentance which is the consciousness of the word in some element that is speaking to a person.  He could have been the elder of the language of repentance.  He brought the feeling of "home.”  But instead Zeqel chose the definition that "man can make life, evil has better life, alien life is superior."  In choosing this, he became the enemy of the priesthood that teaches repentance. And he is the enemy of all the people who are natural and close to the earth and close to the Messiah.  He is the herald that the unnatural is superior.  He is the evil spirit of being destitute and having no home and no one to love you and of being alone.  Zeqel taught the signs of lightning flashes.  He is the master of crossbreeding and all the Niphilim.  Zeqel is the master of homosexuals and bestiality.  He teaches the manipulation of life and genetic engineering.  He is the instructor of the Niphilim.  Zeqel teaches that man should deny the natural and worship the supernatural.  He is the master of fantasy and fornication and vain imaginings. In the last days he will force or rape the Eerkodeshoi.  He is the enemy of good mental health and faith in God.


9.  Baraqel"the gleaming sword of God"[11]   LAW OF MAN

Baraqel is the ninth from Semihazah.  When he was first created, he had the definition that "the Law of God brings virtue that never changes."  He could have been the primary influence over man to be virtuous and to worship a God who never changes.  He would have helped virtue to go from one generation to the next.  He would have endeared the hearts of the children to their fathers.  Baraqel decided to have the definition of "man is the only source of law and order; change oppresses the best." Now virtues are different with each generation.  Law changes each and every day and so does virtue.  He has the feeling of waiting for just the right moment then moving out to oppress and calling it "order."  These are called by evil "the signs of the thunders."  Baraqel teaches those signs.  He teaches how to oppress with "order" and to glorify and empower man to become kings and rulers.  He rebeled against the Law of Jeshurun and became the leader of those who would become a law unto themselves.  Baraqel is the master of locks and prisoners.  He teaches intimidation and is the master of the hopeless.  He teaches nationalism and the worship of banners.  He is the enemy of all things common.


l0.  Asael"God has made"   METEOR IRON

Asael is tenth from Semihazah and the most influential of all the followers of Semihazah.  When he was created, he had the definition "through the Word of His Power all element takes its form."  He could have been the elder element of the righteous workmanship of man's hands, iron being the first of all manmade things which are made of materials that are made by God.  He could have been a superior force to be the language of repentance to help us always remember to only make things as men, like God would do, by the Word of His power; that is, the love the Son has for the Father.  Had we done that, no manmade objects could have aided sin.  What a sad thought to realize how opposite things are from that now.  Meteor iron is known universally as the most mystically powerful material from which weapons can be made.  Throughout history it has been a weapon of choice for assassins.  Instead of this profound place in heaven, Asael chose to have for a definition "man is superior to God in making things."  The more things you make for evil the more "man is progressing".  Because his impact on man has been so profound, God said, "Write upon Asael all sin."[12]  And the saying went abroad from Asael that because God gave us all these things, it couldn't be wrong to use them.  As the elder of man made things for evil, Asael teaches the making of iron swords and breastplates.  He teaches mining stones or the getting out of the ground the fallen watchers that God had buried.  He teaches how to transform some of the Holy Watchers into fallen watchers.  An example would be that he teaches how to fashion gold and silver into items of adornment.  He teaches cosmetics, precious stones, dyes, and pharmaceuticals.  He is the master alchemist.  He is the master craftsman for dictators, invaders, looters, and thieves.  He teaches the art of deceitful diplomacy.  He is the master of the misuse of element to cause man to sin the unforgivable sin.  He is the elder of the fulfillment of evil.  He could have been the elder of the fulfillment of creation.  He is the elder of manmade things that make it possible for mankind to become fully ripe with sin and corruption.  Cursed be he forever!  He is the enemy of protection and is the god of money.


ll.  Hermoni"of Mount Hermon"[13]   SULFUR

Hermoni is the eleventh from Semihazah.  When he was originally created, he had the definition that "God has authority over everything in existence and only He can give it."  Had Hermoni kept this definition, he would have been element to keep mankind respecting only those with authority from God.  We would only recognize as an "expert" in any field as the person who was such an expert in relation to God.  God would have been the only source for being "qualified."  When he sinned he got a new name.  His original name was "Pethachi," which means "of Mount Pethach."  Hermoni instead took authority for himself and originated the concept that something opposed to God can command the respect of authority.  He took on the definition that "man can, by intangible means, recognize and create authority that is capable of controlling and defining human society for evil."  Now he is the chief element in the incense of the foul and dark.  Hermoni teaches magic, sorcery, and the evil arts.  He teaches the loosing of spells.  He is the master of witches and of frightful monsters and those who have no conscience.  He is the master of oaths and the binding with curses.  He is the supporting spirit of those who are "certified" and known to be officially qualified by man.  He is the patron of those who make man feel helpless and in constant danger and never completely adequate.


l2.  Matariel"rain of God"   MERCURY

He is the twelfth from Semihazah.  When he was created, he had the definition that "the wind is the breath of God and the weather is one continual round of blessings."  He could have been an elder of the wind and a significant force to bring the spirit to man through the seasons.  He instead decided to rebel against God and associate himself with weatherand took on the definition that "the weather must be subdued and overcome, for it is an enemy of man."  Now he is the father of pleasure.  He supports guilt and shame.  He causes people to want to escape normal weather and seasons.`  He is the master of erosion and barren places and deserts.  He teaches the glamour of sun tans and nude bathing.  He is the elder of the lust of nudity.  He taught the hatred of weather and the fear of cloudy days.  He is the master of pornography.  He is the god of the living dead.  Matariel is the enemy of chastity and the purveyor of depression.


l3.  Ananel "cloud of God"   URANIUM

Ananel is the thirteenth from Semihazah.  When he was created, he was a rock that had the spirit of a spectacular thunder cloud reaching from man to God Himself.  He had the definition that "the spirit of God will renew and openly lead."  He could have given the true feeling of hope; the hope of the resurrection and the second coming of Christ, the hope of eternal judgment.  He could have been the source of trust and confidence.  Ananel decided to take the definition instead that "invisible things are the enemy and one cannot trust."  A rock that had the spirit of a cloud became deadly and now could make itself into a cloud of destruction. An invisible killer, the one who rots humans.  Ananel teaches the causing of war, even to the extent that he can cause the elements themselves to war one with another.  He is the master of all evil spirits.  He is the enemy of life.  He is the master of mistrust and spies.  He is the master of Melchiresa.  He is the culprit who keeps renewal from occurring in large masses of people.  He is the enemy of the Spirit of God.


l4.  Setawel"winter of God"  FERMENTATION

Setawel is one of the one-tenth left to Semihazah by God when Noah prayed to destroy all the fallen watchers.  He is the fourteenth from Semihazah.  When he was first formed, God wanted him to have the definition that "God can preserve and sustain you."  He was made out of the feelings of being loved.  When it is cold out and snow is gently building up on everything and all your sources of sustenance are asleep, you would not worry but feel like it was good to rest too. And if Setawel were his vision you would be comforted in your well-being.  He was the spirit of a father's love in winter that brings security.  Setawel chose instead to have the definition that "reality is not suitable to sustain you."  So now he teaches insecurity.  He causes little ones to have to go without sustenance and even without fathers and mothers.  He teaches the making of strong drinks and drugs.  He is the master of drunkenness.  He is the destroyer of families.  He is the enemy of intelligence and contentment.  He is the destroyer of dignity.  He is death and sorrow.  He is the spirit of infidelity and promiscuity, and of the utter degradation of mankind. Setawel is the enemy of marriages.



l5.  Samsiel"The notched battlement of God"[14]   ARSENIC

Samsiel is the fifteenth from Semihazah.  Our Great God takes care of the little birds and they do not ever have to worry or gather into barns.  He wanted Samsiel to have that feeling so when He made him He gave him the definition that "God will feed you and keep you well."  He will indeed nourish you with warmth like the sun nourishes all the earth.  Samsiel decided instead to rebel against God and took on the definition that "you must please others to be nourished and kept well."  He teaches our world that if you please others you will be as well as you can expect.  That's why doctors don't teach health.  They just teach you to go along with society.  When Samsiel fell away from God, he grew in his evil to an unbelievable extent.  He began to teach men that they had to even please the sun to be well.  He originated the worship of the sun.  He is the father of human sacrifice.  He is the master of subtle poison.  Semsiel taught the signs of the sun.  He is the master of the living sacrifice of humans to industry.  He could have been the elder of health but now he is the leader of subtle destruction.  Now he is the enemy of health and the master of doctors who mask the languages of repentance.


l6.  Sahriel"Crescent of God"[15]   LEAD

He is the sixteenth from Semihazah.  When he was created, God gave him the definition "God's son is the truth and the light."  He could have been the language of repentance for us to remember that our need to change is the light and the truth that we need.  Instead he chose to be his own definition.  He chose to be the ultimate feeling that "Truth is what you think it is.  There is a different truth for everyone." In the end of days, with man's explosion of knowledge, Sahriel will come to his full.  He teaches the signs of the moon and the deception and misleading of man. He is the maker of false calendars. He is the master of enchantresses and diviners and palm readers.  He is the master of public criers and carriers of news.  Sahriel is the servant of pedophiles.  How many little ones lose their faith and their innocence by him.  Be he cursed forever.  He is the enemy of charity.  He fights against the Gathering.


l7.  Tummiel"perfection of God"   STEEL: WEAPONS AND BABYLON'S STEEL ITEMS

He is the seventeenth from Semihazah.  When he was created, he had the definition that " steel things that were made only with the Word of His Power could have made much good possible."  Tummiel instead chose for himself the definition that "perfection is only in something's form, value,and acceptability in accordance with man's standards."  He is the elder of man's standards.  He teaches the making of contrivances and the reliance on man.  He is the master of style and fads.  He teaches the measurement of perfection.  Tummiel is the master of weights, measures, and usury.  He is the enemy of instincts.  He is the rapist of the Eerkodeshoi.


l8.  Turiel"Rock of God"[16]   GOLD: ADORNMENTS for SELF GLORY

Turiel is the eighteenth from Semihazah.  He could have been the elder element to remind us and give us the feeling that God governs our lives and desires to live with us.  He had originally for his definition "The Father desires to live with you as if you are the only person He has ever made."  Some of his kindchose instead the definition that "wealth is power and gives authority to oppress."  Now he represents man's governments.  He teaches the concept of royalty.  He is the master of kings and rulers.  He teaches the taking of taxes and the burden of supporting evil.  He teaches living on the labors of others.  He is the master of money, trade, and commerce.  He is the enemy of community and oneness.  Gold that has not been made thus still feels the original definition and has nothing to do with wealth.  Turiel is the lord of big, sinful, ugly cities and he rejoices with the sin and fear and cries that the night brings.


l9.  Yomiel"day of God"   ALUMINUM

She is the nineteenth from Semihazah.  When she was created, she was supposed to have the feeling of God participating with you in each and every little moment of your day.  She had the definition of "God is involved in every detail of your life to bring support."

Instead Yomiel chose the definition that "easier is better, comfortable is better, convenience is desired."  Now she is the enemy of women's righteousness.  She causes diseases and mental decay.  She teaches the seeking of ease and comfort. She is the master of the obese.  She is the enemy of hard work. She is the corruptor of the present moment.


20.  Yehaddiel"God will guide"   WRITING ON TOMBS

He is the twentieth from Semihazah.  This watcher is writing in words.  The senior spirit of this watcher is specifically writing on tombstones.  The Babylonians called him "Nebo."  He has a dedicated follower in the watcher we call "paper."  When he was created he had the definition that "all real knowledge comes from God."  He was truly the elder of a person seeking the face of God. Instead he chose the definition that "only knowledge written by man is valid."  He has now been a major force in the corruption of the world and the blindness of man.  He teaches that writing with words is authoritative and binding with names and signatures.  He is the master of dark and evil knowledge.  He teaches the art of controlling society through education and communication. He is the master of the world's educators.  He is the master of insanity, lunacy, and the clergy.  He has founded religions and supported great evil done in the name of God.  He is the enemy of the mind of God in you.


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