How We Live

We live a simple life so that we can focus everything we do on glorifying God.  We are a First Commandment Community and our aim is to love the Lord God with all our heart, mind, and strength.  We have eliminated many of the distractions of the Fallen Watchers from our lives and so you won't find electronics or modern conveniences in our Community.  Take a look...

Working With Horses

We use horses for our transportation and our work, including running our machine shops & powering our laundry houses.  

Growing OUr Food

We grow most of our own food, either in field crops or in our village gardens.  Here are some photos of our gardens, produce, and canned goods.

Our Houses & Buildings

We build our own houses from either wood, stone, or earth.  Some of our homes even have thatched roofs.   We don't use any synthetic materials such as plastic or paints.  Here you can see finished houses, our church and one construction project.


Doing Things by Hand (or foot)

We do laundry, sew our clothes, knit our wool, tan leather and grind our grains by hand, horse power or treadle.