Kiln Building Workshop ~ June 2-8, 2019

What: We are building a 60 cubit foot train kiln for our Community school in conjunction with a new pottery studio.

Who: Ted Neal of Ball State University has designed the kiln and will be leading the build and workshop.  He teaches ceramics at Ball State and has built more than 16 train kilns as well as other wood fired kilns.  We are really excited to have Ted build with us!

Where: Here on our Community farm in Davis City, Iowa.  Our pottery studio/kiln site is 1/2 mile from the road in one of our residential villages.

Cost: $475 per person.  Bring a Friend Price: If you sign up with a friend (at the same time) you can save on each of your tuition costs by $25 - making each fee $450.  Pay by check or money order made out to Brotherhood of Christ church.  A full refund is available if you cancel before May 1, 2019.  No refunds available after May 1. 

Contact:  To ask questions or to reserve your spot please email Jordan Hale at  You can also call our message phone and Jordan will return your call: 641-784-3565.

Dixie State Train.jpg

Summer 2018 Dixie State Univ. by Ted Neal

General information:

In planning talks with Ted, he has suggested that people build and participate according to their comfort levels and physical ability.  We will meet the first day at 9 a.m. to plan and organize the schedule and finish at 5 p.m.  The following days may begin earlier and end later as Ted and Jordan will put in long days.   Workshop participants are free to put in as much time as they wish, but are also free to only work in the mornings or to come at lunch-time and work in the afternoons.  It is flexible and we'll organize that on the first day.

Participants can help with all aspects of the kiln building.  This workshop can be as "hands-on" as you want.

The kiln site is 1/2 mile from the road, so we will have horse drawn vehicles available for those who do not wish to walk from the parking area.  There are several accommodation choices available.  Lamoni, Iowa is 7 miles away and has 3 hotels as well as some restaurants, a coffee house, and a grocery store.  For campers Nine Eagles State Park is less than 10 miles from our community with beautiful camp sites.  Slip Bluff Park is 6 miles from us.  It is smaller but a really nice little park (and closer to Lamoni than Nine Eagles) for food and other amenities.  We'll put up links and phone numbers in the coming weeks.

Please remember that we are a religious community.  Alcohol, smoking, and drugs are not allowed on our property.  We would like for everyone to be considerate of our people and wear modest clothing while working on the kiln project.