The Scroll of the Rule

Adapted from The Essene Writings from Qumaran by Dupont-Sommer,

 including the Rule proper and the Damascus Document,

for the benefit of the Brotherhood of Christ Church



1      This is the Book of Meditation

                for the people of Maween who know Anokeesed

                        that they may instruct those who have consecrated their lives to Anokeesed

                        to live according to the rule of the Community

                        to seek Anokeesed with all their heart and all their soul

                        and to do what is good and right before Him

                                as He has revealed in our sacred writings by his servants the prophets

                        to love all that He has chosen

                        and to rejoice where He rejoices

                        and grieve with Him when He grieves

                        and to depart from all of the evil of the Fallen Watchers of Heaven

                                who teach against the love of Anokeesed and

                        to cling to all works of goodness

                        and to join with The Man in element to practice Truth

                                and righteousness

                                and justice on the earth

                        to walk no more in the blindness of a guilty heart

                                nor with lustful eyes committing every kind of offense


2      But to cause all those suited to the discipline

who wish to practice the precepts of Anokeesed

to enter into the Covenant of Grace

        that they may be united in the Council of God

                and behave perfectly before Him

        according to all the revelations concerning their visions of created purpose

                that they may join with Him

                to love all the people of His Right Hand in loving kindness

                each according to the desires of Anokeesed in the Council of God

                and that they may grieve with Him over all the doings of the sons of darkness

                        each according to the feelings of the tender heart of Anokeesed


3      And all of those of the Community of Maween that cling to His Truth

        shall bring all their understandings

        and powers

        and possessions

                into the Community of God

        to purify their understanding in the Truth of the precepts of Anokeesed

                and to order their powers according to the perfection of His Ways

                and to view all their possessions according to His gentle right counsel

                and they shall make no single step away from the words of Anokeesed

                        in their hearts andlives

                and they shall honor the desires of His heart

                and not delay to embrace them for any reason

                and they shall not depart from His precepts of the Truth

                        which are given to His people

                                to walk either to the right or to the left


4     And all who wish to live in the Community

        must abide by the Rule of the Community

and shall enter into the process toward taking the Covenant in the presence of God

        undertaking to act according to all that which they have promised Him

        and not turn back from Him in their Covenant

                on account of fear

                or fright

                or any affliction whatever

                        if tempted by the dominion of Semihazah


5      And whoever among the people that knows Anokeesed

                who wishes to join the Community

       they shall be examined on their intelligence and deeds

        by the man who is the Overseer at the head of the Many

and if the candidate is suited to the discipline

        then the Overseer will bring them to the Council

        so that their case may be considered

        to see if they are willing to be converted to the truth

                and turn away from all perversity


6      If they are willing

then they shall enter the Omer Classes

        beginning with the FirstOmer

        and be instructed in all the knowledge and ways of the Community


7      When they shall begin their process toward taking the Covenant

they will faithfully make an effort

        and shall say in their hearts

                I will do whatever it takes in my repentance and discipline to know Him

This is called the Omer of Repentance[1]


8     And when they approach the Many

                        after the accomplishment of their First Omer

        the Many shall consider their case

        and according to the leadings of the Spirit

        and the advice of their instructors

                shall decide if they shall either approach to the Second Omer Class

                        or depart from the Community


9     When they have accomplished their first promise

then they shall extend that promise unto the second

        to become purified

        and sanctified in Him

        and come clean before Him

        to begin to increasingly feel Him in all things

This is the time of the Omer of Purification


10     And when they approach the Many after the accomplishment of their Second Omer

        the Many shall consider their case

        and according to the leadings of the Spirit

        shall decide if they shall either approach the Third Omer

                or not


11     When next they enter into the time of the Omer of Righteousenss

they are again extending that promise

        to develop relationships with The Man through righteousness in all things

        to become sanctified in Him

        and sickness

        and sorrow will be done away

                to the extent that the Eerkodeshoi will obey them


12     And when they have lived in the Community for three years or more

they may approach the Many

        after the accomplishment of their Third Omer

        the Many shall consider their case

                and according to the leadings of the Spirit

                shall decide if they shall enter to take the Covenant


13     When they take the Covenant they enlarge their promise

to know

and feel

both the joys

and burdens of Anokeesed

        and participate in acts of companionship to comfort Him


14    Finally

they may enter into Common Consent with all the Many

        upon being approved by the Council

and they shall declare

        The nature of His personality will be before me in all of my daily walk

                and the power of it will influence all of my behavior towards my fellows

                        and my loving kindness will abound


15     To pass from one Omer to the next

        each one shall be instructed by their teachers

        according to whatever amount of time they need

And having passed their Omer

       they shall have a ceremony of installation for each stage of commitment

       and all promises shall be made at the altar during Ingathering

       before all their fellows


16     And after they enter into the Covenant

this is what they shall do

        year by year

        during all the time of their service to Anokeesed


17    All the people of Maween shall pass before Anokeesed

                in their order

        according to their place of inscription

                one after another

        that every person of Maween may know the place they must occupy

                in the Community of God

                and that of the eternal counsel of Anokeesed by His Spirit


18      And no one shall go down from their place they occupy

        nor raise themselves above their place to which they are assigned

For all those in the Community of Truth

        shall maintain virtuous humility

        loving charity

        and careful discernment

                one toward another in the Council of holiness

                as people of the everlasting company


19      But whoever scorns to enter the ways of God

        and be taught by the Community of His Counsel  

        in order to walk in the stubbornness of their heart

                they shall not pass into His Community of Truth

For their soul has demonstrated

        a loathing of the teaching of knowledge

        an unwillingness to teach their children the ways of Anokeesed

                and they have not established within them

                the understanding of righteousness

                        by the conversion of their lives



20     Therefore

        they shall not be counted among the upright people of Maween

And their understandings

        and powers

        and possessions

        shall not be brought in to the Council of the Community of God

For their silence is invaded by the confusion of pride

        and defilements are hidden within their calm


21     If they will not allow themselves to be taught

        then they present to others

                that they feel things in their hearts which they do not

Then in the stubbornness of their hearts they shall not be justified

        nor when they behold the ways of light

                while clinging to their stubbornness

        among the obedient they shall not be counted

They shall not be absolved by atonement

        nor purified by lustral waters

        nor sanctified by seas and rivers

        nor cleansed by all the waters of washing

                or helped by any of the element of righteousness


        unclean shall they be

        in their awareness of The Man Who Is

                as long as they scorn the Truth of God

                        and allow not themselves to be taught by the Community of His Council


22     For by the Spirit of the Lord’s true counsel

        concerning the ways of mankind

        shall all their sins be forgiven

                so they may look upon the Living Light

By the Holy Spirit of Kahee in the Community of His truth

        shall they be cleansed of all their sins

                and by the Spirit of uprightness and humility

                shall their iniquity be atoned by the Lord’s love and compassion

By their humility towards all the precepts of God

        shall their soul be cleansed

        when washed with lustral water

                and sanctified in flowing water


23     And they shall order their steps

        to walk perfectly in all the ways of God

        according to the desires of Anokeesed

                concerning His purposes for them in Community

And they shall step aside neither to right

        nor to the left

        and shall make no single step away

                from all His words and counsel to the Community

Then will they please God with agreeable service

        and thus it will obtain for them

                the Covenant of the eternal Community


24     And this is that which they shall delight to be taught

to love repentance and virtue

to pray unceasing

to conform their personal interests to the will of God

to have righteous relationships with the elements of the Eerkodeshoi

        and no friendly relationships with all the Decadarchoi

to form no opinion without the guidance of the Lord

        and include Him in all their decisions

to love whatever they love with Him

        and thereby love it completely

to seek Him with all their heart and soul

     in order to keep the First Commandment

     and the Second likewise

to put the Lord first in all their doings

to live their visions of created purpose individually


     and completely

to do everything they do for Him

to learn how to care about everything

to learn how to blend their personal relationship with God with that of others

to vigorously pursue their independent dominion with its contribution to Community

to live by faith

to reject the desires for the satisfaction of possessions

to seek the Lord

to find Him

to know Him

to love Him as He has loved each of His children

and to diligently instruct their children in all these ways



[1] Omer = promise.