The Scroll of the Rule - Section 2


1     For the men of service

        that they may instruct

        and teach all the children of light

                concerning the nature of all the children of men

                and the Watchers of Heaven

                and all the spirits which they possess

                        with their distinctive characters

                        and that which they teach

                                and their works with their classes

                                and the tribulations in which they are distressed

                                        together with the times when they are blessed


2     From the God of Knowledge comes all that is and shall be

                and before people were

        He established all their visions of created purpose

And when they come into being in the flesh

        they can fulfill their task in accordance with His glorious design for them

        by changing nothing within it

In His hands are the desires of all that He has created

        and He upholds them in all their needs

It is He who made mankind

        that they might have dominion over the earth

        according to the Decrees of Creation


3     And Anokeesed allotted unto mankind

                spirits at variance

        and He respects mankind that they should walk in them

        until their time of probation is ended

                they are the Spirits of Truth

                        and Perversity

The origin of Truth is as a fountain of light

                who we call Motsah the Lamb

        and the origin of Perversity is from a fountain of filthiness

                emanating from the Decadarchoi who live in Senaseol

Guidance over all the sons of righteousness

        is in the hand of the Prince of light

                they walk in His ways of understanding

Guidance over the sons of perversity

        is in the hand of the angel of Senaseol

                and they walk in the ways of his ignorance


4     And because of the watcher of ignorance

        all the sons of righteousness may choose to be led astray

                and all their sin

                and iniquities

                and faults

                and all the rebellion of their deeds

                        are because of that which emanates from Senaseol

And this is in accordance to the respect of Anokeesed

        until the end appointed by Him

And all the blows that smite them

        and all the times of their distress

                are because they have yielded to  the dominion of the Decadarchoi

And all evil spirits cause the people of understanding to stumble

        but Anokeesed and His Angel of Truth forgive

                and restore all the people of faith and understanding


5     Truly all the spirits of mankind were made by Him

And the power of agency created the Spirits of good and evil

        and upon these Spirits He has founded every work

                upon their counsels every service

                andupon their ways every determination of judgment

The one

        God rejoices in everlastingly

                and delights in all their deeds for ever

        but the counsel of the other

                He grieves over in all their ways for ever


6     And these are the ways of the Eerkodeshoi

        and the Decadarchoiin the earth

It is of the Spirit of Truth and tranquility

        that enlightens the heart of mankind

                and brings them the ways of true righteousness

                and sets respect in their hearts for the desires of Anokeesed

For to Anokeesed belongs the spirit of humility and forbearance

        of abundant mercy and eternal goodness

        of understanding and intelligence

        and vast wisdom with faith in all the works of His Son

        and trust in His abundant grace

        and the spirit of knowledge in every design

        and zeal for just guidance

        and holy resolution with firm inclination

        and abundant affection towards all the people of His Right Hand

        and glorious purification from hatred and the idols of defilement

        and modesty with universal prudence

        and discretion concerning the truth of the mysteries of the Kingdom


7     Now understand

        that the righteous people of Maween think of the nature of Anokeesed

                who created all things

        to be exactly the same as one would think of a little child

And they consider Him to be holy

        and pure of heart

        and utterly without capacity to bring harm

And they love Him with all the gentle instincts

        that are given to mankind

        which cause us to be drawn in our souls

                to love the helpless baby things of the earth

And compassion toward Anokeesed abounds

        and He is the ultimate being of purity

        and the infinite wellspring of tender loving kindness

And the righteous of Maween sorrow at any thought

        of His disappointment or despair

                and there could never be a people who could know greater joy

                        in the comfort and well-being of their Father

Such are the counsels of the Spirit to the people of truth in the earth

The Spirit will teach you to be like Him in all these things

And as for all who walk in His Spirit

        it consists of healing and abundant happiness

                with length of days and fruitfulness

                and all blessings without end

                and eternal joy in perpetual life

                and His glorious love

                and garments of honor in His everlasting Presence


8     But to the Spirit of Perversity

        belongs the spirit of satisfaction of possessions

        and slackness in the service of righteousness

                impiety and falsehood

                pride and haughtiness

                falsity and deceit

                vengeance and the heat of anger

                cruelty and abundant wickedness

                impatience and much folly

        and burning lust with insolence

        and abominable deeds committed in that spirit of lust

        and the ways of defilement in the service of impurity

        and a blaspheming tongue

                blindness of eye and hardness of ear

                stiffness of neck and heaviness of heart

                        causing the objects of creations to walk in all the ways of darkness


                                and malignant cunning


9     And as for the consequences of all who walk in the Spirit of Evil

                it consists of an abundance of misfortune

        as the Eerkodeshoi respond to the grief of Maween

And the wicked will experience everlasting dread

        and shame without end

        and their share of the disgrace of destruction by fire in the regions of darkness

And in all their times from age to age

        they will experience most sorrowful chagrin

        and the bitterest misfortune

                in calamities of darkness till they are destroyed

                        with none of them surviving or escaping all these things

For God cannot protect or provide for His children

        in the face of the consequences of their use of agency

        for He has given them the freedom to choose their own way



10    In the midst of these two forces walk the generations of all the children of men

And into their two divisions

        all the hosts of heaven are divided from age to age

They walk in these two ways

        and all the reward of their works is by these two forces

        according to the share of each

        according to whether they have much or little

                throughout all ages

For God has allotted these two forces to work

        according to the Decrees of Creation

                and they have set between them eternal divisions

An abomination to Truth are the deeds of Perversity

        and an abomination to Perversity are all the ways of Truth

And enmity sets one against the other on the subject of all their doings

        for they walk not together


11    But in His understanding

                and in His glorious wisdom

        Anokeesed has set an end for the existence of Perversity

                and at the time of the revealing of the Arm of the Father

                        He will destroy it forever

Then Truth shall arise in the world to preside

        for the world has defiled itself in the ways of wickedness

                under the teachings of the Decadarchoi even until the time of final Judgment

When God will reveal by His Truth

                in the Spirit of loving kindness

        all the works of every one

        and He will purify for Himself the expression of virtue of each person

                in the light of His Presence

        and it will banish all Spirit of Perversity from His people

        and purify them of all wicked deeds by the Spirit of holiness

                and Anokeesed will cause the Spirit of Truth to gush forth upon them like lustral water

And everything unlike Anokeesed shall come to an end

        and defilement will end by the Spirit of His Presence

The people of His Right Hand will comprehend the Knowledge of the Most High

        and those who walk in perfection of way

        will have the understanding of the wisdom of the Watchers of Holiness

For God has chosen them for an everlasting Covenant

        and all the glory of The Man is theirs

Perversity will exist no more

        shame upon all the works of deceit!


12     At present

        the Spirits of Truth and Perversity battle in the hearts of every person

        for they walk in both wisdom and folly

And according to each one’s share of Truth and Righteousness

        does he grieve over Perversity

And according to their portion in the lot of Perversity

        and in accordance to the wickedness which is in them

                so do they hold the Truth in disdain


13    For God has allowed these two Spirits to have expression

        in accordance to the Decrees of Creation

        until the final end at the time of renewal

He knows the outcome of their works throughout all ages

        and He has limited the Spirit of Evil among the sons of men

                that they may discern between Good and Evil

                and not be overcome by ignorance

This is so that the destiny of every creature may be decreed

        in accordance with their spirit on the day of Judgment