The Scroll of the Rule - Section 3


1     And this is the rule for the members of the Community

        for those who volunteer to be converted away from all evil

        and to cling to all Anokeesed’s desires according to His will

                to separate themselves from walking in the ways of the people

                to become a Community of His Right Hand

                        and with regard to property and all their ways of living in their daily lives

                                under the authority of the Council of righteousness

                        and those who keep the Covenant

                        and under the authority of the decrees of the members of the Community

in Common Consent

                                they who cling to the Man

Under their authority shall destiny be decreed in all things

        whether it concern the Law

        or righteousness


        or justice

They shall practice truth in common

        and humility

        and righteousness

        and justice

         and loving charity

        and modesty in all their ways

Let no one walk in the stubbornness of their heart to stray

        by following after the ways of the world

                and the thoughts of any evil or rebellious inclination

But in the Community they shall purify their lives from evil

        and the tendency toward disobedience

                in order to lay a foundation of truth for Anokeesed

        and for the Community of the everlasting Covenant

                that they may have love for all who have consecrated their lives to Him

                for the love of repentance and worship

        and for those who join them to live in Community

        and to participate in decisions destined to guide those who grope to find their way


2     And let them undertake by Covenant

to be separated from all the ways of the people

who walk in the ways of the Decadarchoi


3     For it is written

And the Lord said to Enoch

it is the task that I have been given by my Father

that I should follow all the children of men

out of the natural world into the temporal world

and I must follow to go with them withersoever they go

And it is known that except for Maween

in the beginning

and at the end

all religions of man are corrupt to some degree

or all together

And it is my task to find the means within the context of those religions

to bring salvation to as many as will love me and my Father

And in this way

I must be subject to their sins and corruptions

in their lives and religions

      And in another place it says

God has given man religions


4     From these sayings comes the precepts

to guide those who dwell in Maween

        as they pray for those who have fallen

And again it is written

        All those who repent and come unto me the same is my church

And there can be found in the world

        those of His church who have love for the Son of Anokeesed

And the Spirit will lead those who ask Him

                as the people of Maween

        enter into friendships with those who live outside the Covenant

                respect and kindness must be expressed

                        within the bounds of the Religion of Shabuot

Do not be drawn into friendliness with the Decadarchoi

        and always hold the principals of righteousness

        and holiness of heart

                for the Lord may have need of you at any moment

                        and call upon you for assistance

Friendliness with the enemies of Motsah the Lamb

        will prevent hearing His call


5     The Decadarchoi have many subtleties that lie in wait

For they that love the Decadarchoi are not counted in His Covenant

                        for they have not inquired

                        nor sought Him concerning His precepts in order to know Him

                        and they have hidden matters in which they have strayed

                        and they have treated with insolence matters revealed

                                by which they have brought themselves to sorrow

                Let not any such a one who loves the Decadarchoi

enter to pollute the purification of righteousness

                        for a person is not pure unless they are converted

from their disobedience and ignorance

for they are defiled for as long as they know not His Word

Let none of His people join them in their work or possessions

                And let them receive nothing at all from their hand

                        in which the Spirit of The Man is suppressed or rejected

                And all those from the world that despise His Word shall be brought into distress

                        for their deeds are defilement before Him

and their possessions wholly unclean


6     And this is the law concerning the Overseer of the Camp

He shall instruct the Many in the works of God

        and he shall teach them of His marvelous deeds

                and shall recount before them the happenings of former times

And he shall have pity on them

        as a father for his children

And he shall carry them in all of their despondency

        as a shepherd does his flock

And he shall unloose all the bonds which bind them

        that there may no more be any oppressed

                or broken among his congregation

Let no member of the Community arrogate to themselves

        the right to introduce any visitor into the Community

                against the decision of the Overseer of the Camp

Let no member of the Covenant of God have any dealings with the sons of the Pit

        except by paying them from hand to hand

                and let no association be formed for buying


                        or trading

                                without making it known to the Overseer of the Community

                                        and without acting loyally to all of his instructions

And let the Overseer be kind and understanding

        to all the needs of his flock

                and let it be likewise for whosoever is expelled

Let the Overseer be kind to them

        and let him answer them in all their concerns

                that with loving charity he may bear them no malice


7     And if any person enters the Community

        to act according to these precepts by joining the holy congregation

                the Council shall examine their spirit in common

                        distinguishing between one and the other

                                according to their understanding

                                        and their works in accordance to the desires of Anokeesed

The decision shall lie with the ones who love Repentance

                and who volunteer in common to establish His covenant

                and to attend to all the desires which He has desired

                        together with those who are converted in common to His Covenant

And they shall inscribe them in order

                one before the other

                        according to their need for protection and discipline

                                that they may all relate to each other

according to the leadings of the Spirit of the Lord


8     And they shall examine the spirit and works of each one

                year by year

        in order to evaluate each one according to their understanding

        and the perfection of their conduct

                or to move them

        according to their need and their contribution to Community


9     They shall reprove each other in truth

        and humility

        and loving charity one toward the other

Let no person speak to their neighbor in anger

        or ill-temper

        or disrespect

        or impatience

        or with a spirit of contempt

And let no person hate their neighbor in the perversity of their heart

        they shall see that reproval comes to them on the very same day

And thus forgiveness and resolve come before the setting of the sun

Let each one be their own accuser

        and freely confess their faults to one another


10     And this is the norm of their conduct concerning all these precepts

When they join the Community

        let whoever comes to the Council of the Community enter into the Covenant of God

                in the presence of all the members of Community

        and let them undertake by oath of obligation

                to be converted to the Lord according to all His desires

                        with all their heart and all their soul

                                following all that is revealed of it

                                        to the men of service who keep the Covenant

        and seek His will

        and according to the consent of the members of their Covenant

                which are those who consecrate their lives together for His Truth

        and to walk in His will


11    In these precepts shall walk

        those that are together in all their dwelling places

And in whatever concerns work or property

        worship or healing

                they all shall consider the needs of each other

And they shall eat in common

        bless in common

        and deliberate in common

And in every place where there are members of the Community

                let there not lack among them an expression of righteousness and respect

        and let them sit before each other

        and ask each other advice in everything

And then when they set the table to eat in assembly

        or prepare the food

                let a man of service first stretch out his hand to pronounce a blessing on the meal

12     Let all those in Community find occasion to study often

                that which has been revealed

                        in relation to their behavior toward one another

                                and toward Anokeesed

And let the Many watch in common anytime the Lord has need

                night or day

        and let them bless Him in common


13     And each one who knows Anokeesed shall pursue holiness

        by walking uprightly in all they do

                following the Law which is written into the heart of each one

                        in their vision of created purpose

                and also that which has been established

And when a person strays from this holy walk

                they shall be separated

        and shall spend the appointed number of days

                walking in the holy state of Repentance with Motsah the Lamb

And all during these days they shall continue in their daily work

        and also spend much time in prayer


        and additional Community service to their fellows

                being guided by a man of service to assist them in their purification

For serious offenses

        the man of service shall seek advice from the Council

                in determining the days of repentance