The Scroll of the Rule - Section 5 & 6


1     This is the rule for an assembly of the Council

Let each person sit according to his inscription

        including the Chiefs of the Clans

        and the older elders of the people

And let them likewise inquire with regard to the desires of Anokeesed

        and concerning every kind of counsel and matter to do with the Council

                each one bringing their relationship with the Spirit of the Lord

                        to the Council of the Community

Let no one interrupt the words of another before they are finished speaking


let no one speak in such a way as to interrupt the Spirit

Let everyone respect those highest inscribed

        and all their elders

And may the one who is speaking always be open to the inspiration of the others

And let no one outside of the Covenant speak a word in the assembly of the Council

        without the consent of the Many


2     In the Council of the Community

        there shall be the Men of Service

        and the Chiefs of the Clans

        and all those in the Covenant

                perfect in all that is revealed of all the knowledge of Anokeesed


3     And they are to practice truth



loving charity

and modesty one towards the other

        to guard the faith upon earth with a firm inclination and a contrite spirit

                and to forgive iniquity among those that practice justice

                and undergo the distress of affliction

                and to behave towards all people

                        according to the measure of loving kindness of their example in Anokeesed


4     When the Times of Tribulation come to pass in the world

        the Council of the Community shall be established in truth

                as an everlasting planting

It is the House of holiness for Anokeesed

        and the company of infinite Holiness for Motsah the Lamb

                for they are the witnesses of truth unto Judgment

        and the chosen of Loving Kindness

                appointed to offer forgiveness for the earth

and to bring down the dominion of the Decadarchoi

Motsah is the tried wall

        the precious corner-stone

His foundations shall not tremble nor flee from their place

He is the dwelling of infinite Holiness in forgiveness

        and in eternal knowledge unto the covenant of justice

                and to make offerings of love by the sweetness of His heart

He is the house of perfection and truth in the earth

We are to establish the Covenant according to theses everlasting precepts

And we shall be accepted as an offering in forgiveness for the earth

                        with no perversity of heart

being against nothing

        but for the righteousness of Anokeesed


5     And when the people have established themselves in the Institution of the Community

                in perfection of way

        and passed through the Omers

                they shall be set apart as holy persons

                        within the Council of the members of the Community

        and let nothing of that which was hidden

                but found by The Man who is sought

        be hidden from them out of the fear of the spirit of apostasy


6     And when these things come to pass

        for the Community at their appointed times

        the Community shall be separated from the midst of the habitation of the perverse

                 to go into the wilderness to prepare the way for Him as it is written

                        In the wilderness prepare the way of . . .

                        Make straight in the desert a highway for our God


7     This way is the study of the knowledge

which Anokeesed has brought by the hand of His servants

        that the people of Community may act according to all that is revealed

                season by season

                task by task

                watch by watch

        and this according to that which the prophets have revealed

        and all that which is revealed by Urim

                and by His Holy Spirit



1     And no man among the members who have entered in to the Covenant of the Community

        who has turned aside from all that is laid down

                in any way whatever

        shall touch the worship of the Men of Service

                or know anything of all their counsel

                        until his deeds are purified of all perversity and he walks in perfection of way

Any man who has been called of God shall be made to approach the Council concerning his ordination

                according to the decision of the Many

        and he may be inscribed in his place among the Men of Service

And it shall be according to this ordinance for all those who join the Community


2     And these are the ordinances in which the Men of Service shall walk

        one beside the other

Among all those who have entered the Council of the Men of Service

                to walk in perfection of way according to His command

        any man who deliberately

                        or through slackness

                has a friendly relationship with the Decadarchoi

                or who sins against the knowledge brought to us

                        by the loving hand of Anokeesed in all that is established in Righteousness

                shall be expelled from them and the Council of the Community

                        and shall not return among the Men of Service

And no man among the Men of Service shall consider this one’s counsel in any matter


3     But if he has acted through ignorance

                or in his process of repentance

        then he shall be separated from their worship and from the Men of Service

Then his case shall be examined

Let him judge no one, nor question any decision for two years

        day for day

If his conduct is perfect

        it shall be considered in assembly

                at an inquiry and in the Council

                whether according to the decision of the Many

                        he has committed any inadvertence before the two years were accomplished for him

                                day for day

For one inadvertence alone

        he shall be purified for two years

                but any man who has acted deliberately during these two years shall not return

Only the man who has committed an inadvertence shall be tried for two years day for day

        concerning the perfection of his conduct and counsel

                according to the decision of the Many

And afterwards

        he shall be inscribed in his place among the Men of Service


4     When these things come to pass in Community

        according to all the appointed times

        for the Institution of the Spirit of Holiness founded in accordance with eternal Truth

                they shall forgive guilty rebellion

                and sinful infidelity

                andprocure loving kindness upon the earth

                        without the flesh of burnt offering and the fat of sacrifice

                but the offering of the heart in accordance with The Man in element

                        shall be as an agreeable odor of righteousness

                and perfection of way shall be as the voluntary gift of a delectable oblation


5     In days of crisis and conditions of extremity

        they shall separate the members of the Community

                into the house of holiness in urgent Repentance

                        that infinite holiness may be assembled together

        and into the house of community for the Worship of those that walk in perfection of way

                so that the levels of urgency may be put into effect

The Merari who cling to the Man in element

        and who have established the ways of righteousness alone shall oversee

                in matters of worship


                and property

        and it is under their authority that which shall be decreed in every decision

                concerning the members of  the Community


6      Concerning the duties of the Men of Service

        who walk in perfection of way

                during these emergency times

        let their interchanges not be mingled with those of the people of deceit

                who have not purified their way to be separated from perversity

                        and walk in perfection of way

And let them draw decisively away from relationships with the Decadarchoi

And the Merari shall not depart away in any manner

        from any established Righteousness of the Lord’s Community

                to walk in all the stubbornness of their heart

And they shall be governed by these first ordinances

        in which the members of the Community began their instruction

                until the time that the Arm of the Lord is revealed


7     These are the precepts for the Merari

        that each man may walk in them

        in the company of all the Watchers of Holiness

                in accordance with the rule proper to every season and the weight of every Spirit

He shall do the will of God according to all that has been revealed

        season by season

        and he shall teach all understanding discovered throughout time

        together with the Division of Days

                and preside over all the holy times of Anokeesed


8     The principle man of Bara shall separate

and weigh the sons of righteousness who are the Merari

        according to their spirits

        and he shall cling to the elect of the time

                in accordance with the decision of the will of Anokeesed

He shall judge each man according to his spirit

        and shall cause each man to approach according to the purity of his hands

        and according to his understanding and knowledge

                shall he cause them to go forward

And as his love is

        so shall his grief be


9     And let the men of the Merari

        not rebuke the men of the Pit

        nor dispute with them

                let him conceal the teachings of the Community from the midst of the men of perversity

And let him keep true knowledge

        and right justice

                for them that have chosen the Prince of Righteousness

He shall guide each man in knowledge

                according to the Spirit

        and according to the appointed moment of time

                and likewise

                he shall instruct them in the marvelous and true mysteries

                        in the midst of the members of the Community

                             that they may walk with one another

in perfection in all that has been revealed to them


10    This is the time to prepare the way to go into the wilderness

And the principle man of Bara shall instruct them

        in all that has been found

        that they may do it at this time

                and that they may be separated from all who have not departed from all perversity


11  And these are the norms of conduct in these trying times

        for those who know Anokeesed

                concerning what they must love and how they must grieve


12    Everlasting grief for all the men of the Pit

        because of their spirit of hoarding

                and the gathering of possessions! 

The holy people shall surrender their property to them

        and the wages of the work of their hands

                as a slave to his master and as a poor man in the presence of his overlord

But they shall be a people full of zeal for the precept

        whose time is for the Day of Tribulations

They shall do the will of Anokeesed in every enterprise of their hands

        and in their hearts do it for Him alone

        that He may reign over all things in their lives

                according to His desires

        and they shall gladly delight in all that He has made

        and beyond the will of Anokeesed they shall desire nothing

And the people shall delight in all the words of Anokeesed

        in His Word

        and in their hearts

        and shall covet nothing of that which He has not desired

And they shall constantly watch for the Judgment of God

And in all that befalls

        they shall bless the Eerkodeshoi or the Lord who did it

        and in all that befalls

        they shall tell the deeds of Anokeesed and the Holy Watchers

                and shall bless Him with the offering of their lives and hearts