What We Believe

Statement of Faith

We are a people with a strong and abiding faith.  Our culture and lifestyle arises out of the example of the early church during the life and ministry of Christ.  We are what the New Testament refers to as the Sect of the Nazarenes.  Historians sometimes refer to them as Essenes.

We adhere to much of what would be regarded as conservative fundamental aspects of the gospel as recorded in the New Testament.

We believe:

  • Christ was born of a virgin as recorded in Isaiah 7:14
  • that God, the Father, is Loving Kindness and He does not have the capacity to bring harm
  • Christ is the infinite expression of that Loving Kindness in the flesh
  • the Spirit of God is the Voice that was made specifically to talk to each human heart; hearing and responding to that Spirit is the definition of the One True Church among whomsoever it is found
  • in the Resurrection of Christ and all people from the dead
  • that repentance is central to a relationship with the Lord, in an on going way, throughout our lives
  • in praying unceasing
  • in healing the sick and raising of the dead
  • that Jesus Christ is the only way to find salvation
  • that we are saved in His love and redeemed by His compassion, as Isaiah says in 63:9
  • that Jesus is the Man that God became, as John says "the Word was God."

What we practice is noteworthy for our deep, gentle, and personal love for the Lord God and the Man that He became.  Some of our practice that may be of interest are the following:

  • We keep the holy days of the Enochian calendar.  It comes from ancient times and even predates the Essene calendar listed in MMT, which is a letter written by the early church discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • We practice interaction with the Holy Angels of heaven and we avoid contact with the 1/3 of the angels who fell away as evidenced in Jude 6, II Peter 2:4-5, and Rev. 12:4
  • We practice the righteous use of element in worship and healing as evidenced in James 5:14-16
  • We have some Heavenly Tablets, some of which are copies of ancient tablets found today in museums.  Some have been interpreted using an ancient process and are now in print in English.  They together are the Book of Remembrance prophesied in Malachi 3:16.  They are in a set of four volumes.  The first is the Book of Remembrance: The First and Second Books of Achee.  The second volume is the Book of Remembrance of Enoch.  The third volume is the Book of Remembrance of our Ancient Grandmothers and the fourth volume (not yet available) will be the Book of Remembrance of Melchizedek.
  • We practice the Four Foundations of the Community, from the scrolls, which are: the Storehouse of God (which are all things in common), Common Consent (unanimity in all decisions,) Repentance, and Righteousness.  Our definition of Righteousness comes from an ancient period before any Greek influence in Israel.  It is to have the right relationships with the spirits of life in all things in creation which Jesus, the Creator, put into them.
  • We live by the Community Rule found in the Damascus Document and in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  We have adapted it for our time, a copy of which is available below.
  • We view the workmanship of our hands to be wholly unto the Lord so we do not sell anything we grow or make.  We farm for a living only selling livestock and hay.
  • We practice the First and Second Commandments and love people of all backgrounds, religions, races, and nationalities.
  • In our religion and culture, women hold positions of high esteem, have equal voice in all Council decisions, and contribute to our religion and ways through their Women's Clans and leadership.  Women and men are EQUAL.  Equality does not mean sameness.
  • We uphold and hold sacred the sanctity and holiness of marriage.  It is our highest virtue.

The Scroll of the RulE





The Storehouse

Common consent